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In Topic: Good Middle Eastern Food

21 January 2006 - 12:33 AM

QUOTE(EPH @ Jan 20 2006, 06:49 PM) View Post

Dude! That's not middle eastern food. That's Greek. I recognize a lot of those items from the annual Festival put on by the local Greek orthodox church.

Arabic Cooking Terms

'ARAQ anise flavored liqueur from grapes
'AWWAMAAT Lebanese doughnuts

BABA GHANNOUJ eggplant puree with sesame
BAQLI Purslane
BANADOURA tomatoes
BAQLAWA many-layered sweet pastry
BATINJAAN eggplant
BAYD eggs
BOEREK Turkish pastry
BOUZA ice cream
BURGHUL cracked wheat

DJAAJ chicken

GHAMEH stuffed sheep's stomach

HABASH turkey
HREESI wheat porridge
HUMMUS chick peas

KAFTA ground meat patties
KA'K hard rolls or cakes
KATAIF sweet stuffed pancakes
KHUSHAAF raisins with water and sugar

KHYAAR cucumbers
KNAAFEH cheese pastry
KIBBEH ground meat and burghul mixture
KISHK laban ferrnented with burghul
KIZBARA coriander
KOUSA marrow squash
KROUSH MAHSHIEI I stuffed intestines

LABAN cultured milk; yoghurt
LABNEH cream cheese made from laban
LAHM meat
LOUBIEH green beans

MA'AMOUL easter cakes made with semolina
MAHSHI anything which is stuffed
MI'L'AAQ grilled
MALFOUF cabbage
MA'EZ ZAHR orange blossom essence
MA'EL WARD rose water
MEZA hors diceuvres
MOGHLIE rice pudding
MUJADDARAH lentil stew
MUSTIKAH gum arabic

QARNABEET cauliflower
QATER sugar syrup
QAWWRAMA preserved meat
QOUZI stuffed baby lamb

SAHLAB corn flour
SAMBOUSIK hot pastry filled with meat and nuts
SAMMAK sumac seasoning from sour purple seeds

SAMNEH clarified butter popular shortening
SHARAB syrup
SMAISKEH fillet of lamb
SMEED semolina
SILQ Swiss chard

TABBOULEH salad of chopped mint, parsley and burghul
TAHEENI sesame oil
TARATOUR sesame sauce
TEEN figs


ZA'TAR thyme; marjoram
ZAYT oil

'ARAQ: anise flavored liqueur from grapes
'AWWAMAAT: Lebanese doughnuts

BABA GHANNOUJ: eggplant puree with sesame
BAQLI: Purslane
BANADOURA: tomatoes
BAQDOUNIS: parsley
BAQLAWA: many-layered sweet pastry
BATINJAAN: eggplant
BAYD: eggs
BOEREK: Turkish pastry
BOUZA: ice cream
BURGHUL: cracked wheat

DJAAJ: chicken

GHAMEH: stuffed sheeps stomach

HABASH: turkey
HALEEB: milk
HREESI: wheat porridge
HUMMUS: chick peas

KAFTA: ground meat patties
KA'K: hard rolls or cakes
KATAIF: sweet stuffed pancakes
KHUSHAAF: raisins with water and sugar

KHYAAR: cucumbers
KNAAFEH: cheese pastry
KIBBEH: ground meat and burghul mixture
KISHK: laban ferrnented with burghul
KIZBARA: coriander
KOUSA: marrow squash
KROUSH MAHSHIEI: I stuffed intestines

LABAN: cultured milk; yoghurt
LABNEH: cream cheese made from laban
LAHM: meat
LOUBIEH: green beans

MA'AMOUL: easter cakes made with semolina
MAHSHI: anything which is stuffed
MI'L'AAQ: grilled
MALFOUF: cabbage
MA'EZ ZAHR: orange blossom essence
MA'EL WARD: rose water
MEZA hors: h'odeuvres
MOGHLIE: rice pudding
MUJADDARAH: lentil stew
MUSTIKAH: gum arabic

QARNABEET: cauliflower
QATER: sugar syrup
QAWWRAMA: preserved meat
QOUZI: stuffed baby lamb

SAHLAB: corn flour
SAMBOUSIK: hot pastry filled with meat and nuts
SAMMAK: sumacÑseasoning from sour purple seeds
SAMAK: hash

SAMNEH: clarified butter popular shortening
SHARAB: syrup
SMAISKEH: fillet of lamb
SMEED: semolina
SILQ: Swiss chard

TABBOULEH: salad of chopped mint, parsley and burghul
TAHEENI: sesame oil
TARATOUR: sesame sauce
TEEN: figs


ZA'TAR: thyme; marjoram
ZAYT: oil

In Topic: Now they've gone too far!

21 January 2006 - 12:21 AM

QUOTE(BigRedAvenger @ Jan 20 2006, 10:19 AM) View Post

They need to go after the people who actually make the child porn and the websites that host it. Entering a query into a search engine is not the same as actually engaging in it. I also fail to see how this will prevent kids from viewing things they should not. Google has no idea what the age of the person is that is searching. Even if they could, what is the Governement going to do, start sending letters to parents that they noticed little Timmy searching for "goat sex" online? this is just the government becoming more intrusive into our lives. There is absolutely no benefit to it whatsoever.

Yes this idea is big brotherish and prob not do much for who is looking for this. I agree we have to
go after people who put this shit online also. We just have to work both ends of the spectrum. Like drugs
you have to deal with the supply and the demand. I agree with Google trying to respect our privacy unfortunatly everything else in our life can be pretty much traced. sad.gif

QUOTE(BigRedAvenger @ Jan 20 2006, 01:15 PM) View Post

Then I could get some of those toys that you currently need a Class III to get smile.gif

Say hello to my boomstick. Shop smart Shop S-mart!

In Topic: Chocolate City!!

20 January 2006 - 11:37 PM

QUOTE(johnnyhusker82 @ Jan 20 2006, 11:52 AM) View Post

Jive is only a spoken dialect, without an alphabet.

No shit? Really? icon_rolleyes.gif My point was illegal aliens in this country are segregating themselves from
society more than previous immigrants who also came over legally by lack of learning the language (and the pc crowd are not helping this by putting every fucking thing in spanish). Everyone else came over and
then were taught english. The mexicans are to busy crossing the border to send money back to their
families to care how there actions have a detrimental effect on this nation. 41's have been around for
awhile there are no excuses for not speaking correctly or not holding down a job.

In Topic: Amazon.com price/refund watcher

20 January 2006 - 02:34 AM

QUOTE(BDB @ Jan 19 2006, 10:32 AM) View Post


If you buy something on Amazon.com and the price drops within 30 days, they will refund the difference. This website will check the price for you once a day until 30 days after your date of purchase, and then (only then) e-mail you.

The ASIN/ISBN is located in the Product Details section of each product's page.

I have used this the last month or so. Haven't had any refunds, but I haven't received any junk mail from the site, either. This would be great on electronics that always seem to cost half as much two weeks after you buy one.

Great, so GBL can get a refund on all her Vibrators she buys! icon_mrgreen.gif

In Topic: Now they've gone too far!

20 January 2006 - 02:29 AM

Well, this would help track down people searching for child porn and
protect kids from viewing things they should not. I agree the intent is
good but they could go about this in a better way.