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Goddammit A&M!!!!

24 November 2011 - 09:45 PM

Are you fucking kidding me A&M??

The Aggies are in second half meltdown mode again.

Pick after pick.

Fucking hillbillies!

Texas driving after another turnover up 17-16.

Stupid Fucking BCS

21 November 2011 - 04:39 PM

While NU fans wait with bated breath on if we'll be headed to the Insight Bowl or Gator Bowl an interesting development is taking shape with the BCS. Earlier this month LSU beat Alabama in T-Town and shortly after was anoited the likely National Champion for 2011. Who knew that winning that game would actually be to their detriment. Lets just say this weekend that LSU beats Arkansas and Alabama beats Auburn. Guess who is guaranteed to play for the National Title? Alabama.

LSU will still have to win the SEC Championship just to get a Sugar Bowl invite.

What a wonderful system we have in place. A team loses a game at home, doesn't register a TD, doesn't win their own Division, and they're going to earn a birth into the National Championship game while the team that beat them (LSU) has to win the CCG before they can get a BCS Title invitation. And of course, the coup de grace is that in order to claim the National Title LSU will have to beat Bama again.

Well done, BCS.

NU Favored to Beat Iowa

20 November 2011 - 05:53 PM

By 10.5 points.

Iowa hasn't been a ten point dog to anyone this season. Michigan and Penn State were favored by four points over Iowa.

Nebraska is 1-5 at home against the spread in 2011.

Lets Have a Honest Discussion about the Program

20 November 2011 - 02:25 PM

I'm honestly asking: what is it going to take for some people to realize that this program is not on the upswing?

- We are 12-7 in the last two years against BCS opponents

- We are 13-7 in our last 20 games

- We have been beaten by 24+ points twice this year by teams ranked within two spots of our own - teams that we need to beat in order to compete for a conference title

- We lost for the fourth straight year to a double-digit dog at home

- We've yet to win a conference championship

- We've yet to go to a BCS bowl

- We're going to finish third (or fourth) in our division in the fourth best conference in the country

- We're in a conference with coaches who are, plainly and simply, better than Bo Pelini (Brady Hoke, Pat Fitzgerald, Brett Bielema, Mark Dantonio)

- Our recruiting is plagued by small classes, lack of development and consistent failure to plug GAPING holes with true impact layers (ie DE, LB, CB) and has yet to finish above 15 in spite of our resource advantage

- In the Bo Pelini era we will have failed to finish higher than 14 in the polls every single season

- The greatest team achievements of the Bo Pelini era: a trophy with a whale on it and a couple Big XII North divisional titles

- Our defense, the hallmark of Bo Pelini's teams, is regressing

- Our offense put up more points on average against top 25 opponents under Shawn Watson than under Tim Beck despite the greatest collection of offensive talent we've had since 1999.

- Of our assistants, Ron Brown is probably the only one who could get a job with a top 15 program.

- Bo Pelini is nearing the number of blowout losses that ended up getting Frank and Bill clipped (5 for Bo, 7 for the other two)

- Bo Pelini has 5 losses of over 20 points in four years. Tom Osborne had 9 in 25 years.

Can ANYONE explain to me without using phrases like "Trust Bo," "It takes time," "We are young," "We're doing it the Nebraska Way," or "It took TO eight years" how there's any reason to think we aren't headed for Frank Solich-esque stretch in our program's history?

Okie Lite vs Iowa St

18 November 2011 - 09:41 PM

OSU 24
ISU 17

Late third quarter

OSU feeling the letdown.