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In Topic: CollegeHumor Hottest College Girl

11 November 2005 - 10:41 AM

Chisholm L is in the quarter finals in the North.

Kimberly C got taken out in the first round.

In Topic: Letters of Support

11 November 2005 - 10:36 AM

QUOTE(hskrfn38 @ Nov 11 2005, 11:32 AM) View Post

They even have forums to discuss banned users. How sad is that?

In Topic: Frosty's Blog

11 November 2005 - 10:29 AM

Just posting FYI. A response to Frost's blog from Doug Horwich (HI writer?):

I can't believe I actually spent the time reading that pile of shiite! What an incredible whiner. I liked the guy on the field most of the time, and really gave him kudos for trying to make it in the NFL, unlike another former QB, but this isn't just whiney, it's a complete fabrication in so many areas.

Unwelcome? What a freakin' joke. You have Milt hangin' around, enjoying every minute in the South Stadium. You have Tommy Frazier in the area, and if not for the opportunity at Doane, would still be around shaking hands. Bill Lewis was there a while back and he had great things to say. The only guys I've heard making a bunch of noise about not feeling welcome are some that said crappy things publically, or a guy pining for the attention and a possible job, which he'd never get under this staff.

Frosty lost any chance of being the next redhead on the sidelines once Franky was gone and now he's going to tell everyone why the way he did things was better. Never mind that if he'd never had a chance to be ignored at Stanford, and Nebraska was running the current system, he'd probably have been an All-American safety and still playing in the NFL. No, let's just whine that the old offense could still work. But as others have said, only with the right talent, and who would bring that to Lincoln, you Scotty?

So now the problem is you care too much, is that it? You had a sick feeling? You don't seem to recall that sick feeling in your stomach when the No.1 ranked team in the nation was getting shutout by a group of clowns that we'd hung 77 on the year before? Or the upset to Texas in the conference championship game? How about the 4 losses in 2000, any of those get to you? Did giving it away to Texas again bug you? How about that thriller in Boulder, were you there? I was, great time, huh? How about the Rose? Great times again, eh Frosty? My favorites were still to come, though. That partyin' good time in '02 really got me going. PSU, OSU, ISU, KSU, and the hits kept comin'. Fun times, wasn't it 'care too much' boy?

I don't recall hearing a lot from you then, during those fun years. Then when you saw the end of your career closing in, you slipped on to the sidelines as an 'unpaid advisor' and started to try to slip into the program again. That's when it happened. BOOM! Gone. Frosty's chance of strutting back in front of the adoring fans went bye bye, thanks to Steve Pederson. And the nerve of that guy, picking out a coach without the input of everyone! You wanted a committee to find the right coach. Never mind that your old coach didn't think that necessary. He handed us a guy that had never been anything more than a HS head coach, but that was OK, cuz we all know, TO was a genious and didn't make mistakes. Well, not often at least. So this committee, of really fun names that really sound good now, would be the answer. Kiffin (ya, he was going to help after volunteering for the job), Alvarez (I'm sure all athletic directors ask other teams Head coaches and future ADs who to hire), Tom Osborne (uh, didn't we just fire his choice?), Mike, Grant, Ahman (it might have been a little awkward asking them to leave their current jobs to help out, considering they all play in the NFL and they do play game in December), Charlie? Maybe, but it doesn't seem his style.

Your contention that we should have had someone who could draw up plays picking a coach is equally funny. So you would have a big warm fuzzy having Lee Corso picking the next head man? Are you actually that dim that you don't think SP spoke to people about candidates? I think a few too many QB draws may have clouded your judgement.

Toss all of this in with the fact that you don't feel the love anymore. No one kisses your national championship ring when you walk in. Most people know of you, but they don't really know you, and that's upsetting. I hate to break it to you, but you haven't been around for almost 10 years, just wait till it's 20, you'll really feel ignored. That's what happens as time goes by. Get over it. If you have to call someone to go to practice, why not start with the HC's secretary, or maybe the SID, or perhaps just show up and say hi to the guys. Did you really have to call ahead when Frank was around? Maybe you weren't as popular as you think.

Nice of all of you to embrace these wonderful comments. Someone explain to me, exactly how is this any different from Bo Pelini taking parting shots at us when he went to OU? How about Bobby Nuke? Or Andy Birkel? Nothing. Zip. It's sour grapes from people that have an agenda, an axe to grind. Frost is no different, and he is probably more annoying because he's doing it more for his own attention than because he really wants a change.

In Topic: From Footballscoop.com

09 November 2005 - 12:03 PM

Helloooo!!! Cosgrove!?

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09 November 2005 - 09:54 AM

QUOTE(GBL @ Nov 9 2005, 10:46 AM) View Post

It's a long story, but to make it super short...I believe I'm paying way too much for our HOA. It seems to me they don't follow the covenant guidelines. A lot of money went to painting our houses when it was more cosmetic (wanted to change colors, not that they really NEEDED to be repainted). Does anyone know what the first step...second step would be to disban the fuckers?

Move to Nebraska.