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In Topic: Scarlet shitter

23 October 2020 - 08:47 PM

Will tOSU still be our newest best friend after putting another ass-kicking on us?

In Topic: Coronavirus

26 April 2020 - 06:25 PM

Do we need to take some sort of head count? Ya know just to make sure. 

In Topic: Fire Bill Moos!

01 March 2020 - 08:48 PM

Didn't show up for basketball senior day today either. Pretty sure he is the devil.

In Topic: Super Bowl

05 February 2020 - 02:18 PM

i'm still not sober..... 


With Mahomes at qb it's looking like you will have quite a few more unsober post Super Bowl days for the next 15+ years. Being a Raiders fan I see nothing but possible wild card berths for the Raiders (If they are lucky). And Mahomes is very likeable which makes it worse. Still pissed off about Andy Reid's use of Damien Williams during regular season. His lack of playing time behind McCoy cost me money in a fantasy football league.

In Topic: Corona virus

01 February 2020 - 09:20 AM


Looking at the mortality age distribution, one might think their government is working to ease the "aging population" burden on their society.  Just sayin.


Just Natural Selection.  The Weak and the Slow are the first to go.


"This is the big one, I'm dying! You hear that Elizabeth? I'm coming to join you honey."