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Mo Washington not with the team

22 October 2019 - 01:43 PM

not booted from the team yet, but apparantly didnt practice last week or this week and isnt part of the team right now


dumbass kid.


SF is at least showing how long the leash is and maintaining the proper culture.  


There's still a ways to go to establish a culture of accountability in the program, let alone a championship mindset.  


sort of mid-season ramblings

14 October 2019 - 10:12 AM

now, at this point, we've seen what this team is, which is a mediocre football team that makes a lot of mistakes.  


is it possible that we'll see some changes?  I suppose it's possible.  The team made a big stride last season after getting their asses handed to them by Michigan, but that was due to culture/buy-in imo.  


maybe it would be easiest to take a quick look at anything that's looked good this season?  


maybe Wandale Robinson?  


not the OL.  not the RBs.  not the WRs.  QB hasnt been that great either but it's tough to pin anything on one player or even one position group when they're pretty much all contributing to the mess.  


defensively maybe nobody?  



so, it seems as if the OL sucks, and the WRs cant get open.  exasperating the problem is that because the OL is struggling, defenses can stack the box to shut down the running game, and our WRs cant get open to make them pay.  then on passing downs, our OL gives up pressure vs 3 and 4 man rushes while the rest of the defense drops into coverage and nobody can get open.  


I think that AM was affected by the bad snaps but also the pressure the OL is giving up plus WRs not being where they're supposed to be.  I think he was probably trying to make the big play or the perfect play too often instead of just making a safe play.  


the OL is definitely struggling, not sure if it's because Jurgens is new and not making the correct calls or what.  remember that he's learning on the job, the kid has never played OL before in his life.  I will say that while I do see Jurgens standing around on occasion, for the most part I dont think that I've seen him get blown up with his blocking assignments.  The problem has been both of the OGs and both of the OTs.  


I also think that the playcalling isnt helping much at all, and I think that the coaching staff is having a tough year all around.  I think they're realizing that lincoln was a dumpster fire before they came in and it's going to take years to fix (as many correctly thought), and I think they're realizing that the B1G isnt quite the same as whatever shit conference they played in before.  


Talent-wise, I think NU is still a long ways off.  


Plus, it's going to take a few more years before there's solid veteran player leadership in the program.  


It's a problem when your two offensive captains are soph.  


It's also a major problem when a grad transfer gets named a captain.  yeah, great story that he came in and set a good example by working hard, but isnt this a gigantic red flag that there is a horrible lack of leadership within the program itself.  


defensively, our DL was supposed to be a strength, and it's shaping out to not be the case, although I think most of the blame has to do with the LBs.  The LBs dont seem to be doing that great a job at really anything.  They dont seem to fill the correct holes, they overrun plays and overpursue, and they dont get pressure on the QB when they rush.  The DL probably looked like world beaters in fall camp because they were going against the Husker OL every day in practice.  


The secondary started the season well, and overall I think the defense is much improved if simply because they're trying to generate turnovers when they can.  But shit the defense has got to be worn down considering the amount of time they've been on the field the first 7 games.  


the 4 game redshirt rule is also messing with the coaching staff, imo.  They're juggling the roster trying to get certain frosh onto special teams units to use their 4 games meanwhile they cant make a decision on Rhamir playing or not, they fucked up having McCaffrey run out on the field for one fucking play when Bunch could have done it, etc.  I realize they want to save eligibility for these kids and build for the future, but I think you also have to consider playing some of them more, especially considering the lack of depth at several positions.  


I do wonder a bit, though, if the staff is trying to intentionally save as many of the frosh for the final 2-4 games as possible.  


but at this point, bowl eligibility is something that this team is going to have to fight for.  Right now, they arent any better than Purdue, Maryland, Indiana, and could easily lose any or all of those games.  Right now you have to chaulk up the Iowa and Wisky games as certain losses, as those two teams will simply line up and run all over our front 7.  


I wonder if we'll see some personnel changes after the bye.  


I realize it can be difficult to bench a player who's performing better in practice, but I'm hoping they can start to work more guys into the game like they did this past game with Bando coming in at LG for Hixson.  OLB Nelson probably deserves some more time as well.  you'd like to see some young WRs get more opportunities as well.  If Mo and Wandale are still nursing injuries after the bye, I think you have to pull the redshirt off of Rhamir and get him some work.  maybe now that Kade Warners back we'll see more production from the WRs.  he blocks well and is always where he's supposed to be.  


but to some extent you have to play the hand that you're dealt, and thus far this season I think the blame is at least equal if not more so on the shoulders of the coaching staff.  It appears that they've been surprised that this team wasnt as good as they thought.  They seem to have trouble finding plays that this team can run successfully, and they have demonstrated a halfseason of shitting the bed coming out of halftime every game.  that's not on the players, that's on the coaches.  where are NU's adjustments?  


but hey, 6-6 or 7-5 and a bowl game is improvement.  


south alabama depth chart

26 August 2019 - 10:44 AM



I'm sure there will be an official pdf or something by the end of the day


anyway, not a lot of surprises on there, but as always for the first game it's interesting.  


my takeaways:


JD, Noa/M Williams and WanDale Robinson appear to be your starting WRs.  


Interesting that Kade Warner is listed as co-#2 with Miles Jones behind Wandale, as with both wandale and jones there, it would appear to be the Husk-R position.  


Benhart listed as the backup at RT, and considering the injury to Gaylord, I'm guessing that means that he'll be playing in every game this season to get him ready if Farniok or Jaimes go down for any length of time.  


Stoll and Allen are co-starters at TE.  that's a good sign for Allen's progress.  


McQuitty as the co-backup to JD is interesting as well.  I had written him off, hopefully he puts together a good season.  


Darien Chase is the only frosh besides WanDale to make the three deep.  considering the depth at WR I'd guess they're all going to redshirt unless there's a rash of injuries.


odd that there's no Andre Hunt, I thought he was in line for at least a backup spot after the spring, but there's barely been mention of him in fall camp, let's hope that's because the other WRs like Woodyard and Williams and McQuitty really stepped it up this summer and in fall camp.  


not surprised that Mo Washington and Mills are co-starters.  Mazour and Rahmir johnson as co-backups isnt that big of a suprise, either, and pretty much confirms what we all suspected and that frosh johnson will be skipping his redshirt.  



on defense there's not a lot of surprise on the line, although I'm mildly surprised that Stille isnt a starter.  No Green listed on the DL, either, so it will be interesting to see if he plays at all in the opener or not.  I still think Green is going to play in every game this season and push to be a starter by the end of the year if not sooner


I wasnt surprised that Alex Davis was a starter at OLB, but I am surprised that Ferguson and frosh Nelson are co-#2 behind him.  I thought we'd see Ferg on one side and Davis on the other... 


the other OLB spot shows co-starters with Domann and Tannor.  I hope that's great news regarding the gains and growth those two have made and how they've performed in fall camp.  


it looks like OLB may be shaping up into more of a strong/weak or base/weak or whatever setup, where it looks as if bigger guys will be the OLB on one side primarily for run support, setting the edge, while the other OLB spot is more of a playmaking spot ala what they had at UCF, a guy who can rush the passer but also be the cover guy in space.  it will be interesting to see if they go with Davis/Ferg against power teams like Wisky and Iowa, and if they have both Domann and Tannor on the field in sure passing situations...


Cam Taylor is listed as the co-starter with Lamar Jackson, that probably has more to do with how often and how many positions Taylor will be playing this year, as he's likely the starting nickel and I still expect him to be the first one off the bench at any of the secondary positions.  


frosh Newsome is co-#2 with braxton clark at CB.  I think we'll see him burn his redshirt and play quite a bit this year, primarily on special teams like we saw from Taylor last season.  


starters at safety are not a surprise, but I am surprised by the lack of scholarship names behind them.  I'm also surprised that none of the other 3 incoming frosh made the 3 deep at safety.  Lee is there as a veteran backup, though.  I still think we'd see Cam Taylor become a starter at S if either Dismuke or Williams went down.  


ILB is pretty much as expected with the top three of Barry/Miller/Honas.  Barry will probably hardly ever come off the field so we'll probably see Honas and Miller rotating with only a sprinkling of Jo Johnson during the season.



in exciting news for husker fans who live across the border, Armstrong appears to have won the punting job


nice lineup of kick returners in Mo Washington, WanDale Robinson, Rahmir Johnson, Miles Jones


interesting lineup at PR, JD is still at the top but Cam Taylor backs him up and WanDale/Noa are listed co-#3.  I think we might see Taylor return quite a few punts this year to keep JD's workload manageable.  



overall, the starting lineup looks solid, and there appears to be decent depth at positions like DL, WR, TE, but I'm concerned if any of our starting OL goes down because none of the backups have experience (Bondo, Raridon, Farniok, Sichterman, Benhart) but they at least appear to be more talented than what we've had in the recent past.  ILB depth is a concern, obviously.  production at OLB will be interesting.  the secondary actually seems ok because of guys like Taylor, Lee, Clark, Newsome in the mix as backups while the starters I think are very solid.  


random fall camp musings

19 August 2019 - 08:42 AM

well, we've had a variety of reports out of fall camp, and it sounds like the depth chart is sort of starting to round out, although I think we'll see several position battles wage on into the season, especially as newcomers get more acclimated.  I also think we'll see personnel groupings based on matchups on both sides of the ball, so more than 11 on each side will be considered starters based on that (i.e. nickel, dime defense, 4 WR sets vs 2TE sets)


anyway, on to some depth chart discussion:



QB - Martinez, Vedral, McCaffrey, Bunch


This is pretty much as expected, although it sounds like McCaffrey has learned the playbook more than expected and could probably push for the backup job by the end of the season if given the opportunity, but at this point I'm guessing the staff is going to try to get him game reps in 4 games and preserve his redshirt.  Vedral can be serviceable if AM is out for a few snaps, but obviously the team and the season will be different if AM suffers any significant injury (knock on wood).


RB - Mills/Washington, Johnson, Mazour


This is also pretty much as expected, although the ongoing legal saga with MW will not play out well in the media.  Mills sounds like a beast, and it sounds like MW is better than last year.  Depth after them scares me, but I think we'll see the true frosh Johnson become the third RB off the bench, skipping his redshirt.  Kid is small, but apparantly has speed to burn.  


WR - Spielman, Hunt/Williams/Woodyard/Warner/Robsinson/Noa, McQuitty/Jones/frosh


This is one of the positions where I'm not worried, but I'm curious to see how the WR corps looks over the course of the season.  The only true "known" at this point is Spielman, so I list him by himself, but after him, it sounds like a few guys have been fairly consistent, and that would be transfer Noa, but also true frosh Robinson, so that's who I expect to see on the field most often in 3 WR groups (with MW at RB and JD and Wandale on the field at the same time, that's 3 different players who can all line up either at WR or RB on any play and play either effectively.  that could be exciting).  After those 3, I think it's really still wide open, although you never know how much is coachspeak and how much is trying to motivate players or whatnot.  Anyway, Hunt had a good spring, but I havent heard him mentioned much this fall.  I think he's in the mix with Woodyard and Williams and Warner for those backup reps, and I wouldnt be surprised to see the coaches ride the hot hand in games.  I also think that formations may impact this as well, because if the staff finds success having a personnel grouping with 2 TEs such as Stoll and Allen on the field, we might see less WRs, obviously.  Anyway, I think we'll see very solid production out of the entire WR corps, but I think we'll see the touches and yards spread around quite a bit more, including the TEs.  


TE - Stoll, Allen, Rafdal, LeGrone, Hickman (Vokalek)


Vokalek will be sitting a year because of his transfer.  If not, reports are that he would probably be in the mix for a top 3 spot on the depth chart right now.  Anyway, Stoll is rocking the mullet and better this season, I think we'll see him on the field a lot, and I think he'll get more receptions this year.  All reports about Allen have been positive this spring and fall, so I think we'll see him on the field as the second TE.  It sounds like Rafdal and Allen have both improved and gotten bigger/stronger.  LeGrone I think still has a ton of potential but with those guys in front of him I dont expect him to see a lot of snaps.  








Well, I think the top 5 are set, and that's partially by default as Jurgens isnt healthy enough to make a run at the starting OC job.  It will be interesting, and by interesting I mean potentially terrifying, to see how the OC position shapes up as the season progresses.  What I'm most encouraged about regarding OC in fall camp, though, is that they moved Ethan Piper from DL to OC, and it sounds like he has a ton of potential there.  (if that works out, it would be nice to have a young core of interior OL that can all play OC if needed in Farniok/Miller/Forbes/Jurgens/Piper, whoever doesnt start at OC can maybe push for time at OG).  After the starting 5, I think we might see a bit of line shuffle going on, especially regarding the OT position.  With Gaylord down now, I think that pretty much guarantees Benhart is burning his redshirt this season.  He was already running with two's and likely to play more than 4 games anyway already, but now with the top LT backup out, we might see Farniok shift to LT if Jaimes goes out, and Benhart stepping up at RT.  for the interior, OC is a bit of a cluster but it sounds like Farniok worked hard in the offseason and might be a pleasant surprise at OC.  and who's the first OG off the bench?  Raridon?  Bando?  Sichterman?  If Hixon went down, would they move Wilson to LG, move Farniok in to RG and start Benhart at RT?  It seems like the talent is there, just not the depth and experience.  It's much better than last season, though.  









Defensive line is probably the deepest position on the team, which is a shocking turnaround compared to last season when NU was playing DEs at NT.  Grad transfer and older brother Daniels appears to be in line to be the starting NT, which gives his little brother another year to get physically ready to play more game snaps.  I expect the younger Daniels to be the backup NT, but I think we'll quickly see Green work his way into the rotation, possibly even starting at any of the DL positions.  I think we'll see Stille and K Davis as your starting DEs, but I think we'll see heavy rotation across the entire line, with C Davis, and D Thomas seeing a lot of snaps as well.  Then you have another group of young players in Rogers, Wildeman, Walker, and true frosh Robinson who all appear to have the size to hold their own at this level now.  Anyway, I think we'll see those top 7 DL used fairly interchangeably during the season (Daniels/Daniels/Green on the goalline?  third down pass rushing NT, etc).  Hopefully this will translate to a better defense across the board, and make the other levels of the defense look that much better (or maybe not as shitty)










Let's hope none of our LBs get hurt, either inside or out, either inside or out.  It sounds like Alex Davis has finally learned to play football.  Many Husker fans are in wait and see mode.  I can see the possibility there, considering I think he only played a couple of years of high school football or something like that.  Anyway, he's a likely starter, and I think we'll see him quite a bit vs run heavy teams.  Ferguson, if he can stay healthy, has the potential for a hell of a year.  I thought he was better than Gifford last year when healthy, the problem was that wasnt very often.  Domann made plays, plain and simple, last year.  Tannor has tried to put on some weight and is hopefully a bit bigger/stronger.  I think we'll see Davis/Ferg vs traditional/pro offenses and we'll see Domann/Tannor vs spread teams.  Nelson will probably work his way into the mix as well, although I'm guessing the staff would like to redshirt him instead.  It probably wont be an option this year, and I could see Nelson being valuable on special teams as well.  








I'm not sure who will be starting next to Barry, but I expect we'll see both Miller and Honas on the field a lot.  The fourth LB is a questionmark at this point.  walkon frosh Reimer impressed in the scrimmage.  I'm not sure what the staff will do here.  







Cam Taylor




It sounds like the secondary has some swagger this fall camp.  Hopefully they back it up by playing better than they did last season.  Gone are three senior safeties and replacing them are much faster, more athletic, more playmaking replacements who also dont know the defense as well as their predecessors.  Williams was actually the highest graded safety by some metric somewhere last year.  Jackson and Bootle return after a year of starting experience.  Cam Taylor is the first DB off the bench most likely, and can play CB, S, nickel, dime, OLB apparantly now, and also might be seen returning a punt or two this year.  After those top 5, I think we'll see true frosh Newsome emerge as the other backup CB after Taylor, but I think we'll see the senior and former CB Lee be the first guy after Taylor to play at S, mostly because of his knowledge of the defense (hopefully).  If not, I think we'll see an influx of youngsters.  It sounds like all of the 4 frosh DBs who arrived came in ready to work and in shape to contribute already.  I think we'll see two of them skip a redshirt, Newsome and probably Pola-Gates but maybe Wright or Farmer.  Anyway, I like the depth and the talent here, if they've been coached up in the offseason, you probably would have to give Fisher the staff coach of the year award.  


special teams.


apparantly there's a punter battle.  who knew?  anyway I still think the leftfooted Armstrong wins out, because he's left footed.  but maybe that transfer from MSU is in the mix?  I think he was the MSU starting P last season?  Pickering is our kicker for another 3 years.  Not sure who is the long snapper this season.  


I will be interested to see who returns punts and kicks this season, though.  I expect the staff is going to try to limit the workload of JD and MW.  I'm guessing the fans would like to see true frosh Robinson at PR.  I'd like to see what Cam Taylor can do there as well.  As for KR, I'm guessing we'll see guys like Miles Jones, Woodyard back there, Rhamir Johnson, etc.  



That's it.  Exciting fall camp thus far and the koolaid is flowing massively.  






10 July 2019 - 07:52 AM

that's what they should rename the DUCK-R position


you heard it hear first.  or maybe not.  not sure.