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#511421 sort of mid-season ramblings

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 04 November 2019 - 08:55 AM

QB - So/So/Fr (no other upperclassmen)


RB - Fr/Jr (JUCO transfer)/Fr (Jr non-contributor) (also note that Im putting WanDale here since he now appears to be our starting RB and starting WR)


WR - FR (Wandale again), Jr (Spielman), So (Warner), Sr (grad transfer) also 2 other Srs, 4 Fr, 1 So


TE - Jr/So/So 


LT - Jr/So

LG - So/So

C - RFr/RFr

RG - Jr/Jr

RT - Jr/Fr


NT - Sr (grad transfer), So


DE - Sr/Jr

DE - Sr/So


OLB - Sr/Fr

OLB - So/Jr


ILB - Sr/Jr

ILB - Jr/Fr


CB - Sr/RFr

CB - Jr/Fr


S - So/Sr

S - Jr/So




looking at this, I'm not seeing a lot of upperclassmen, and the ones that I do are probably not playing that great.  where is the internal upperclassman leadership?  There is none.  


the only way this team will improve on offense is with a better OL, and that takes development and S&C time.  however, I would not be surprised in the least to see the OL look different next season even with all 5 starters returning.  There's a chance that Benhart and Piper can make big moves in the offseason and earn starting spots next season.  


as for the defense, the DL has been ok this season, but the LB play has been horrible to the point that opposing coaches have openly called it out as their gameplan.  that can only be fixed through recruiting.  


the team is young and the coaches are learning on the job as well.  


I think SF will get it done, it's just going to take time.  

#511344 sort of mid-season ramblings

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 15 October 2019 - 02:32 PM

defensively, we have an experienced DL, but it seems like they're getting worn down.  I also think they're not as good as we thought since they went against the Husker OL all fall camp.  


I'm ok with the current DL rotation, hard to play redshirt frosh over seniors unless they're just out of this world and that's tough to do on the DL just as it is on the OL


my corncern (lol) with the defense before the season and definitely now is the LB.  Barry has great heart but I think he plays the worst out of the 3 ILB.  Miller to me seems to be playing the worst but for the most part I think the LB play overall has been poor.  ILBs are making poor run fits and OLBs arent doing much of anything.  I do think that Tannor has improved, but part of the problem on defense is there really isnt a player that the opponent has to gameplan for.  


I thought the secondary is much improved this season although they still have a long ways to go but we're also starting our nickel/backup CB at S because we lost our best most talented S in the first game of the year.  


anyway, it would be nice to see them work Robinson, Rogers, Wildeman in a bit, and also use Keem Green for the final 2-3 games of the season or whatever to preserve his redshirt.  


at LB, I think after 1.5 years of minimal production it's time to bench alex davis.  I realize the coaches like him because he does his job of holding the edge, but that's all he fucking does, he doesnt make a tackle or make a play.  ever.  put Nelson in since you already decided to burn his redshirt and let him learn on the job and make mistakes.  play Domann more.  play Tannor more.  the problem is that our OLBs are undersized (as are our ILBs to a certain extrent) and against run heavy teams we have to play a lot of alex davis instead of tannor/domann vs spread teams.  


right now LB recruiting has got to be a huge priority.  those are the guys who clean up the mess and make all of the tackles.  doesnt matter how good our DL or secondary is if our LBs suck because teams will just run all over us


the young talent in the secondary looks good.  the young talent on the DL looks good.  LB scares me a bit.  


is there a "fix" for the defense this season?  I dont think so.  


but, from my viewpoint, it does appear that a number of kids, especially the secondary, has really embraced their job of trying to get turnovers.  so there's progress.  


right now, though, Iowa and Wisky are going to run all over this defense and it's going to be scary.  

#511343 sort of mid-season ramblings

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 15 October 2019 - 02:21 PM

let's look at the roster again:


LT - Jaimes, Bando

LG - Hixson, Bando, Raridon

OC - Jurgens, W Farniok, Piper

RG - Wilson, Sichterman

RT - M Farniok, Benhart


Wilson, Jaimes and Farniok are Jrs, and Farniok is prob better suited at OG than OT but we have no other OTs so he's stuck there


Hixon is a walkon soph who's starting.  not a senior walkon, but a soph walkon.  


Jurgens is a redshirt frosh making his first ever snaps at OC, backing him up is another redshirt frosh and a true frosh.


We've seen all season that these guys arent cutting it.  3 of them are returning starters and while Hixson looked horrible and was benched against Minny, from what I saw Jurgens was our best OL this past Sat.  The upperclassmen OL need to step up.  


so, the OL is dogshit and wont be fixed this season unless Benhart comes along fast enough to play in the final 4 games and move Farniok inside to RG.  



at QB we have AM who is not the problem.  but at least the fans saw that Vedral isnt the answer either, at least not behind this OL.  I personally think that AM is trying to do too much and make the best/perfect play every time since he knows that his OL sucks and they arent going to be able to sustain drives.  but who knows.  he could also be nursing an injury that nobody knows about.  



at RB we have Mo, Mills, Wandale, and that's pretty much it.  Mo seems like he's disappeared or checked out the past few games, not sure if it's because of the injury or attitude.  I've heard he isnt the fondest of getting in the weight room and I think that's part of the message the coaching staff is trying to get across to him this season, pointing out that he's letting his teammates down because he's banged up because he didnt push himself hard enough in the offseason.  Mills looked like crap the first couple of games but then started to be more patient and has done a decent job of finding the occasional hole when the OL actually manages to open one up.  Wandale looks good, let's hope we dont run him into the ground the second half of the season.  Rhamir Johnson will play in two more games, although I think they should just burn his shirt now.  They've got two new RB recruits coming in next season, no need to save redshirts now, at least not for guys who can get valuable game reps to get them better prepared for next season.  



WR is another huge problem.  we have a roster of slot WR and no outside threat.  maybe we'll see a difference with Warner out there now.  he's actually a legit outside WR although he doesnt scare defenses he runs his routes correctly and he's where he should be.  and he blocks well.  I would like to see the staff give the younger WRs some more opportunities as it doesnt seem like it can get much worse from a production standpoint.  but again it also seems to be an experience issue as the only Sr is grad transfer Noa (who iirc did most of his production out of the slot at Cal), who hasnt done much, meanwhile we have our juco transfers williams and woodyard who are also busts at this point.  not one of the frosh can step up?  


anyway, offensively it's a very young and inexperienced team, and the OL, for probably the 20th year in a row, lacks top end talent and depth.  


next year the entire OL returns, not sure that's all good news, though, but more importantly it will get the young kids another year, but I dont think our OL/DL play is going to be strong enough to contend for the CCG for at least another 2-3 years.  

#507594 MSU postmortem

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 20 November 2018 - 10:59 AM

agree on practice.  the kids who actually need the practice time are either hurt (backups, frosh, etc like JUCO LB Honas, but also players like CJ Smith, CamRon Jones, WIldeman, Jurgens, Rogers, etc) and there's really no point, imo, to a bunch more practices with the departing seniors.  again, it would have been nice to send the seniors off with a bowl game, but this team also didn't have a bye week and is banged up (as are most or all teams this time of year) and probably need some time off.  personally I don't see the point in more practice reps for D Young at LB, 3 seniors at safety, etc.  we need backups like Raridon, Hixon, little Farniok etc getting reps on the OL.  and what about RB?  Mo Washington is banged up, Oz and Wilbon are seniors and Bradley is in the doghouse or out of shape due to dealing with some family/personal issues, and Miles Jones is out after surgery.  there's going to be 3 or more new faces at RB by the start of fall camp, so three more weeks with the guys on the roster now isn't going to do much for the overall offensive development imo.  and with the early enrollees and JUCOs, this team will look different in the spring than it does now. 


this staff is still catching up from being behind in recruiting, these next few weeks will be their chance to get caught up and then get ahead a little bit.  2019 class needs to round out as best as possible due to the high numbers of kids they'll take (I've heard as high as 30) and because of how dire the needs are at several positions across the roster for both depth and starting talent.  (plus the schedule is very favorable next season and NU should be able to make a nice run if they can plug some holes/gaps this offseason)


we're going to see a few more players leave in the offseason, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a big class again for 2020 and there appears to be a better than usual crop of players in the border states for that year so SF and staff need to get that going as quickly as possible. 


even with a loss against Iowa this team would have finished 4-2 after starting 0-6 so theres a lot of progress and excitement to sell for this 2019 recruiting class. 

#507592 MSU postmortem

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 19 November 2018 - 08:58 AM

well, NU managed to win an old fashioned big ten rock fight


weather made it very difficult to throw the ball with any consistency for either team, so early on this one was looking like it was going to be a running game/defense game, which probably favored MSU


overall, Neb got outyarded, gave up more first downs, were out-rushed, were out-passed, had a worse third down conversion rate, fumbled something like 5 times, and finished even in the turnover department


so, htf did they win? 


they won by being opportunistic, and generally winning the field position and special teams


(btw, they honor foltz and sadler before kickoff and then the only points scored in the game are fgs?  hmmmm)


I thought AM looked off right from the beginning, regardless of the wind. 


I thought the playcalling was a little suspect by SF.  I realize that he had to toss prob half or more of his playbook after seeing the gusts and swirling wind in the stadium, but he should have been better prepared for this possibility, imo.  I thought we'd see more of the QB run game, or maybe more short quick throws like slants and curls and in/out etc but maybe Spielman's absence played a factor in that as well (again, should have been better prepared, as JD was out of practice all week). 


it's definitely a concern that some of our players appear to have a difficult time getting separation from coverage.  but then again we did have some wide open guys that AM either missed or the wind made his passes sail or otherwise be off target


Oz ran hard, put up better numbers against the #1 rush defense in the nation than most RBs have all season, and that was with a stacked box because of the weather. 


defensively, I was waiting all game for the blackshirts to make MSU's horrid offense look amazing, and while there were definitely some coverage and run fit busts, for the most part they contained MSU.  we're probably lucky that MSU didn't run more between the tackles and/or run their QB more


shout out to special teams for not only not shitting the bed but basically winning the game.  Pickering with 3 field goals including 2 that were his career longest at the time?  47 yard game winner in swirling wind and for the first time in the kids life he kicks in the snow?  kick and punt teams were decent aside from Stan's botched punt return.  hell Pickering even got a touchback on a kickoff into the wind. 


NU made plays when it counted, and were generally patient (both coaches and players) in a tight game


(oh and the refereeing was horrendous all game, on both sides)


tough to grade/judge the offense with such a limited playbook, but you have to like how they managed to move the ball at times against the best defense that they've seen other than Michigan's.  also tough for the same reasons in regards to the defense, but you still have to stop the other team (or let them stop themselves). 


it was a good time for senior safeties Reed and Neal to put together the best games of their Husker careers.  Reed had a hell of a game and I bet he gets a blackshirt this week.  Neal also played solid.  LBs again I thought appeared to be a weak link.  secondary played decent enough.  AM had an off day, I actually wondered when the game started if he was a little banged up as he seemed to be wearing a heavier knee brace... Stan was patient and then made a big play when the team needed it.  OL played decent against a great defensive front 7.  Oz and Mo ran well enough when given the chance.  WRs and TEs needed to help more both getting open and catching but also blocking.  offensive coaching I was not impressed with, there's been issues on occasion all season and hopefully SF learns and grows from this year as well.  defensively we saw very little substitution all game outside of the DL, that has to change moving forward. 


big final game of the season coming up.  it will be senior day at home for Iowa, but this will be NU's bowl game for their season, and for some of these seniors, they've never won against Iowa (so sad to type that).  Iowa just boatraced Illinois, which in and of itself is not particularly impressive, but it will be interesting to see how that game influences their preparation this week.  Iowa has had an up and down season as well, and really at this point it's anybody's guess as to what will happen this Friday.  If Iowa gets their shit together and plays a complete game, NU could get blown out.  But the reverse is also true. 


I think there's some players who don't like each other on either side of the ball in this one, so it will be interesting to see what gets said in the media this week and how things go once the ball is kicked off. 


as for the future, I'll write more after the season, but I've been wondering if missing a bowl might actually be a good thing for this staff and team.  they've been through a lot, and I'm not sure that an extra few weeks of bowl practices is really going to help the non-seniors all that much, especially if the tradeoff is the staff can focus more on recruiting for a few weeks.  they've been playing catch up on recruiting ever since they came on board, having to assemble a full class late in the cycle and then being behind on communication and evaluation on all later recruiting classes.  I feel bad for the seniors missing a bowl, but the staff needs to look at their roster and the results from the season and start to figure out what JUCOs/other recruits they need and what changes they need to make on the coaching/sheme/prep/offseason areas. 


am also hearing rumors that one or more players has also recently left the team or informed others of their intent to do so, all signs point to Lighborne moving on after the season (probably a good idea for him to go elsewhere to get his head right) but I'm also hearing Guy Thomas may have already left or is in the process of doing so (had lots of hopes for that kid, and he's only a redshirt frosh, but if he couldn't see snaps over a true frosh in Tannor or a late season defense position switch of Domann, then he's going to have a tough time beating those guys out plus additional recruits next year and the years after.  have also heard he's been homesick since he first set foot on campus and has been on the fence about leaving the entire time.  I'm sure there will be others as well)

#507130 Michigan post mortum

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 24 September 2018 - 11:14 AM

wow that was bad. 


it's hard to pick through the steaming pile of shit to find anything good, but I think we saw a few players that appear to be busting their ass out there.  not sure if they're doing the right things within the scheme, but we saw a few kids playing hard all game, so I guess there's that.  of course that's countered by a whole shit pile of players who appear to be dogging it or just generally stinking up the joint. 


now, admittedly, I was drinking heavily before the game in anticipation of an ass kicking, and pretty much just drank more during the entire game, and simply deleted it asap once I had finally suffered through to the end of the game.


anyway, first off, for anyone calling for Bunch or Mazour to start from here on out should just take a seat.  they played against probably third stringers in the second half, maybe even played against some Michigan band members pulled out of the stands in the fourth quarter, so anything the offense did in the second half after they got their collective shit pushed in the entire first half is meaningless. 


I honestly couldn't tell if Martinez was completely healthy or not.  he looked good to me the one or two times where he wasn't running for his life, throwing with 3 Michigan players in his face, or getting planted on his ass. 


we also see why, if the QB race over the summer and in fall camp was anything remotely close to being close, that the staff choose AM, and that's because our OL sucks ass.  big time. 


so, about that OL.  not sure what to say here.  they appeared to suck.  I think they each took turns sucking but thus far this season it seems like Conrad and Farmer are taking more than their fair turns of suckage.  I don't really recall seeing any holes opened up in the running game, and I'm not sure if I saw AM ever have any time to throw.  but again, I might have missed the few times either of those things did happen, because they were so infrequent. 


(as an aside, it's absolutely scary that the program doesn't have anyone other than Boe Wilson who appears to be ready to play OL at this level.  hell, SF said last week that they needed to get other guys ready to play and the two he mentioned were fucking redshirt frosh walkons.  wtf happened to all of the highly rated OL that's been recruited over the past few years?)


anyway, it sounds like there's nobody on the roster that can fuck up less than the guys that the staff is trotting out there every week, so not sure if really anything can be done in this regard.  I would at least like to see Farmer get more snaps at OC and thus Wilson at OG.  communication seems to be shit, so not sure if Farmer can help with that or not, but I think it would at least be an improvement as I think Farmer would be better than Conrad at OC and I think Wilson might be better than Farmer at OG.  I'd like to see someone like Raridon get a shot but apparently he isn't ready.  I really don't know what other options there are. 


I also have no idea what offense scheme or playcalling the staff can utilize to mitigate what appears to be a horrible OL.  If they cant run block or pass block, wtf plays can the staff call?  If running a spread offense at temp is supposed to help simplify blocking assignments, how shitty does that mean our OL actually is? 


not sure how our WRs did considering there wasn't much time to throw, but damn it sure sucks to see what would have been a td pass get batted at the LOS and intercepted.  the team psyche is so fragile that I think once that play happened they basically all just thought they were going to get their asses kicked.  (which is true, but still...) I thought Morgan looked good going for the ball.  that's about it.  sad that the staff brought in these JUCO WRs and they aren't doing shit. 


RBs.  not their fault when they're dodging opposing DL 3 yards in the backfield.  shit, getting back to the LOS was a victory.  I may be in the minority, but I don't like Ozigbo at RB, and especially not in this offense.  he seems great at moving the pile at times (although we don't exactly have a lot of thord or fourth and short conversions to show for it, so maybe he's not good at that, either?) but he's just not fast enough to play in space in this offense, and I think all of the Michigan starting LBs were faster than he was.  also while I understand not wanting to tip your hand on playcalling based on personnel, but let's just quit using Ozigbo in anything that is supposed to go outside, he's not outrunning anyone on a decent team to the edge. 


TEs?  not sure if they played, but if they did, I'm sure they fucked up some blocks and blocking assignments. 


at QB I think AM played hard, but I think the staff didn't try to run him very much, and aside from maybe Morgan I'm not sure if anyone else on offense really did anything to help him out.  cant throw from your back, and cant run or throw with 3 defenders unblocked within 1 yard of you.  not sure what he could have done. 


defensively, it appeared that our DL didn't exactly win the LOS, but from my viewpoint, it wasn't a complete dumpster fire, and the real issue was the LBs.  I'm not sure there was a single play all game where the LBs filled the correct hole, took the correct angle, or didn't take themselves out of the play.  I think at least one LB fucked up on every single defensive snap, and there were definitely multiple plays where more than one of them screwed the pooch.  Now, I'll give credit to Barry, as while I'm sure he made a few mistakes, he at least appeared to be hustling on every play and trying to bring the pain.  Young, on the other hand, probably deserves to be benched in favor of Honas at this point.  I didn't watch the OLBs that much, but I do recall seeing them generally shitting the bed on more than one occasion.  I was excited to see Caleb Tannor in there for what appeared to be decent snaps.  that's something I'd like to see more of moving forward, get those newcomers some decent snaps, especially if the upperclassmen are tripping over their own dicks. 


the secondary, even though they didn't get a lot of work, at least found a few ways to join in the fuckup, primarily with poor angles in pursuit and shitty tackling. 


here's a shocker, though, I thought Lamar Jackson played the most physical game of his Neb football career against Michigan.  he still seems to struggle in coverage, but I thought he actually stuck his nose in there quite a few times on tackles and taking on blockers.  maybe this will be a turning point for him.  if not, I'd like to see frosh Cam Taylor get some snaps.  Taylor appears to bust his ass on every special teams coverage unit, often showing up as one of the few players on the field who isn't mailing it in or quitting. 


anyway, grad transfer Neal is great at getting the defense lined up properly, and probably great at making coverage calls and adjustments, but similar to Aaron Williams, he just doesn't appear to have the speed and athleticism to not be a liability at S.  I'd like to see Deonte Williams get more playing time at S, and while Reed blows his assignments quite regularly, he at least hits like a truck and likes to do it.  hell, move Cam Taylor to S and let's see what he can do there.  Bootle did ok, I wasn't impressed but apparently the coaches were?  whatever. 


special teams?  not even sure I can write anything about it.  it's special alright.  dumpster fire would be an improvement.  probably time for someone other than Lindsey to get a shot at returning punts, although I would like to see him get one more game so that the staff can show some confidence in him and give him another shot.  probably time for someone like Mo Washington to get a shot at KR duties as well.  Spielman made some poor decisions in that game returning kicks.  and my guess is that about 90% of the punt coverage team needs to be replaced. 


coaching?  they definitely have their share of the blame.  I really wonder what they're seeing in practice that doesn't give them the confidence to play hardly any of the backups?  I'm wondering if it's an effort issue in practice and they don't want to reward some of the younger players for not busting ass all practice each practice?  or do they not trust them? 


I'm also wondering about this whole "no fear of failure" thing and how it applies to the coaches and playing time and playcalling?  at this point they might as well just be as aggressive as they can be, because the conservative shit isn't working. 


I really wonder if we're just going to have to wait another 2-3 years so that SF and staff can turn over almost the entire roster and get the culture that they want. 


whatever it is, this past Saturday there was plenty of suckage to go around, and each phase of the game joined in as well as the coaching staff. 


I don't think we should fire anyone, but I'd like to at least see something that resembles competent football before the season is over. 


#506108 SF recruiting thread

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 13 December 2017 - 07:54 AM

agree on Williams.  I think SF and staff flip him.  He wasn't born and raised in Neb so not sure how much he grew up wanting to play for the Huskers or not, but regardless I'm sure it hurts to have the hometown school tell you there's no room for you in their program meanwhile a top rival who's been winning the division thinks youre  worthy of a scholarship... I think NU is looking good here and I think just yesterday I heard Wisky just offered a new DT and people think it's because they're planning on losing Williams. 


as for Mapieu, what I've heard is that he's very raw, and that Williams is the better player right now, but that Mapieu might have the higher ceiling once he's in the program, with S&C and development and coaching.  we'll see, I guess.  he did have an offer from UCLA amongst others as well.


nice recruiting season when you've got 2 decent DL right in your own backyard.  Mapieu almost certainly projects to NT in the 3-4, and I think Williams could play DE



agree as well on the walkon program. 


it's easy for casual fans to sit back and say NU needs to get back to the old walkon program, etc, but it just isn't feasible in today's CFB landscape.  tuition costs have increased, and there's now a handful of additional schools in the Dakota's and nearby that didn't exist in TO's days.  Those schools are offering full rides to Neb kids, who'd have to turn down free school to pay their own way and walkon at NU.  not all families can afford that, plus if the kid is on the fence, he has to decide between potentially playing right away and more often vs putting in his 2 or more years as a reserve at NU before getting a chance at playing time. 



what will be interesting is this week before the dead period with SF and staff coaching UCF for 3 days this week while also recruiting for NU.  I can see either side of the argument but it is what it is and it seems they're making the most of it.  my guess is we'll see a lot of focus on the florida recruits since they're in Orlando and can drive out for in home visits after practices...

#505844 I was wrong

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 24 October 2017 - 01:57 PM

pretty much my thoughts as well. 


FS - nice guy, never really evolved the offense, held onto his staff too long, and was generally horrible at recruiting, 2001 they backed into the NC game and didn't belong after being boatraced by CU and they didn't even win their division let alone their conference.  he was also responsible for destroying a number of records in 02 and should have been fired then.  he did well with TO's recruits but the talent level gradually eroded during his time and at least to me it seemed like they were often in over their heads managing the program and coaching an elite team. 


problem was, as pointed out, he was fired a year later than he should have, and was fired without a replacement in place or even a plan in place.  SP fucked this one up so bad it put us on this path.  Callahan ended up being the only one who would take the offer because SP was only looking at "name" coaches iirc


BC - destroyed the walkon program, alienated former coaches and players, and the fans.  he recruited well and his attitude probably could have been overlooked if he had won more but his refusal to make staff changes and his poor leadership sent him packing.  TO made an easy call based on the record.  I wish TO would have put some more thought into the hiring process, but of course hindsight is 20-20 and the BP hire made sense at the time. 


BP - definitely had potential, but it seemed obvious to me as time went on that he was never going to be constantly competing for conference championships.  he turned around the BC mess quickly, and did well with BC's recruits, but the talent level dropped as his time went on because he hated recruiting and generally hired a staff of young inexperienced assistants who also weren't good recruiters.  BP definitely had potential to grow in the program but I think he lacked a mentor and lacked support once TO left, and he was also too stubborn and probably had an ego issue with not hiring better assistants.  the attitude that 9-4 was good enough and that the fans were all out to get them was a horrible culture to instill into the program.  like FS, BP was fired a year too late, probably because SE was afraid to pull the trigger at the time because he didn't have a replacement lined up.  BP was *asking* to get fired the season before, all SE had to do was take him up on the offer and there wouldn't have been many complaints, then he should have hired a search firm and hired a new coach.  instead I think he did his own thing and identified his own top target, maybe with some influence from Alvarez, but probably just more his own weird way of what he desired in a head coach, with consistent winning or future trajectory apparently not on the list of qualifications.  which brings us to...


MR - nice guy.  I want him to win.  he just isn't winning, and he hasn't won in college.  the team appears poorly coached and unmotivated, and his offensive schemes don't appear to be working now that he has his own players.  more talent isn't going to fix the poor coaching.  I think it's obvious that MR isn't going to be constantly competing for conference championships, with the W-L record being an obvious indicator but the coaching and development is a bigger one.  I anticipate MR being fired after the Iowa game as long as the Moose has his next coach already lined up. 


and I think the next coach will be Scott Frost.  I could be happy with some other big names of experienced guys, but I think from a lot of angles it's going to be tough to pass on SF if he's willing to come back home.  regardless, hopefully Moos will make the right decision and at the right time.  unlike his predecessors. 


but, I don't think any of the previously fired coaches (FS, BC, BP) had what it took to make NU a consistent top 25 team competing for conference championships, and I don't think that NU should settle for a 9-4 coach, they should be looking for the coach that is going to take them back to being in the national title conversation again. 

#505798 New AD and his new coach to follow

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 16 October 2017 - 09:29 AM

I'm sick of the "you would have fired TO and we never would have won titles" argument. 


first off, it's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT college football landscape. 


secondly, TO rarely got his teeth kicked in.  yes, he faced a bunch of cupcakes and had a number of advantages that other schools have caught up to in today's world, but TO always had his team prepared and playing well, and you could always see improvement in players as they progressed through the program, etc.  his teams were well coached, and it was obvious.  he was also willing to change his philosophies and focus on both sides of the ball, making changes in schemes and playstyle.  but most of all, he would at least challenge for the conference title every year.  yes, he continually lost to OU for a while, and in case nobody remembers, a huge number of fans did want to run him off, and he almost left for the CU job as has been reported. 


the difference for Solich is that it was obvious he was in over his head.  no imagination, no strategy, no ability to run a major CFN program.  recruiting slipped horribly during his tenure, and the offensive schemes digressed.  yes, he won 9 games a year for a few years, but then he put together that disaster season (at which point he should have been immediately fired, it was stupid as all hell to let him change his staff at that point) that ruined a ton of NU records and probably really started to erode the foundation of Husker mystique.  anyway, firing FS was the right move. 


the difference for BP is that it was obvious there were a number of flaws that he didn't seem able to willing to correct.  yes, BP won 9 games a year, he also lost 3/4 games a year, every year.  BP basically won all of the games he should have, and lost all of the games he should have, the problem was that he hated recruiting and didn't put in the effort, and the talent gradually eroded.  eventually NU would have been "favored" in less and less games and 9-4 would have slipped to 8-5, etc.  it was also obvious that he wasn't willing to make changes to his staff, or at least not competent ones.  he surrounded himself with inexperienced assistants which isn't a sign of good leadership.  he also fostered a culture of "us vs them" and generally embarrassed himself and the university on multiple occasions.  if you're winning conference titles and competing for NC's, the fans and NU can let that childish demeanor go, but if you're letting opponents set CFB rushing records against you in just 3 quarters, that shit gets old.  and I don't think that I can argue that players got noticeably better under his development nor that they were consistently well coached and prepared. 


BC was a trainwreck, obviously. 


MR doesn't seem like the right guy, either. 


but holy fuck, what are you suggesting?  That NU fans should be happy with 9-4 seasons from here on out? 


OU had a revolving door of coaches looking to get back to the top, same with Alabama, same with OSU.  same with others.  is NU supposed to throw in the towel and look for someone who can simply win 9 games a year?  that's our new high water mark? 


if that's truly the case, then who really is the moron and who really is the shitty fan? 

#505742 New AD and his new coach to follow

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 10 October 2017 - 03:17 PM

lol I agree with winning.  I think most do.  of course, there is a chunk of the fan base that will always be unhappy if NU isn't running power football most of the time.  hell some think NU is an "option team" completely ignorant of what offense NU actually ran for their 3 titles in the 90's and oblivious to the various offenses that TO ran during his time in the program both as HC and under devaney


as for Frost, I believe there was an article a while back where he was quoted as saying he'd like to evolve the spread offense into his own version by incorporating an element of the power running game.  he seems to be smart enough to change his offense based on the available local talent, and if not, he has plenty of options to coach at warm weather schools where he can recruit a bunch of small fast guys to run around the field.  anyway, I could actually see a spread/power variant working... go with 3 WR sets, and some sort of tweener H-back/TE/big WR hybrid who can line up as a lead blocker or flex out to stretch the defense more, keep your OL big and nasty and run power between the tackles, incorporate the zone read, the read option, and the buzzword of the recent offenses, the run-pass-option (RPO) and I think it could work.  not sure running up tempo all the time makes sense with bigger OL but maybe with a rotation. 


anyway, even if he doesn't change it, who cares if he wins with it? 


Wisconsin didn't beat NU because they have the magic formula of using a power run game dominated offense, they beat NU because they executed their offense and defense better than NU did theirs.  last I checked Wisconsin hasn't won any national titles using the power run game as the focus. 


Frost can roll the footballs out on the field and play basketball on grass for all I care, same with any other coach, as long as they fucking win. 

#505724 Wisconsin Gameday

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 09 October 2017 - 08:04 AM

yeah, not sure how this is the fans fault about wanting BP fired.  BP was trending downwards and being a jackass on TV and with the players certainly didn't help matters.  he's cashing his NU checks while managing a lower stress football team now.  BP was never going to challenge for national titles and he actually instilled an environment that winning 9 games a year was good enough and fans were crazy to expect more


the problem isn't that fans wanted BP fired, it was that SE probably hired the wrong replacement.  if you have a competent AD who actually knows what they "should" have as the HC and not what he personally wanted to be around, then maybe you make a better hire.  now that the AD is gone so we'll see what happens next but it certainly seems like the current NU president and chancellor know what drives the NU bus...


NU fans didn't run BP off, he wanted to get fired, and he should have been fired a year before he actually was, after practically begging to be fired on TV.  regardless, NU fans aren't to blame for NU football state of affairs, NU fans are also, imo, not generally "living in the past" with "unreal expectations" instead they want to see a team that is well coached that fairly consistently wins their division, and occasionally wins a conference title and makes the CFB playoffs.  NU has to be better than Wisconsin, Iowa, NW, Minn, Purdue, and Illinois to do that.  that's not too much to ask. 


I still blame TO for this mess.  He handcuffed the AD and the program when he named Solich as his successor.  He should have known that Solich couldn't handle it.  plus it's always difficult to follow a legend.  but he wanted to keep his staff intact in Lincoln when instead NU could have started their coaching carousel 7 years earlier, lol.  TO also hired BP, which probably was an ok decision at the time, but there really wasn't anyone experienced available? 


sorry, but the ADs have botched these coaching hires big time.  Solich didn't deserve it and it should have been known that he couldn't handle the job.  Callahan was a hated NFL head coach who washed out and was something like the 7th choice after NU was embarrassed by other coaches turning down the job.  BC then went on to destroy the walkon program and alienate all former players and pretty much all of the fans.  TO then hired BP which I can see the reasoning for but obviously in hindsight it didn't work out and the argument could easily be made that NU should have gone with someone else, such as a different hot name coordinator who had just had success at a mid major or something like that.  tough to put the monster that is NU football into the hands of a rookie head coach.  then NU hired MR, apparently just because he's a nice guy, and because the logic was that if he could go .500 at Oregon state he would win national titles with NU's facilities and better recruits, all while using the same assistant coaching staff and schemes. 

#504960 It's National Letter of Intent Signing Day 2017 Bitches

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 01 February 2017 - 04:32 PM

sucks to have missed out on Lewis/Johnson/Lenoir/Verdell but nice to land Daniels and Blades and keep Guy Thomas on signing day


I'm sure some will say that this was disappointing considering they didn't sign more kids but it sounds like the staff was only going to take top targets at the end rather than trying to fill the class with plan B players just to fill spots. 


there's also a rumor that the staff wants to save a schollie or two to try to sign a grad transfer or two in the offseason to fill an urgent need or two, like perhaps a 3-4 NT

#504853 Well shit

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 19 January 2017 - 05:08 PM

I agree, and I think the staff was looking towards the future both for the program and for the kids themselves by redshirting all of the OL even when it was said multiple times that Wilson and Farniok probably could have and would have contributed this past season otherwise. 


I wouldn't be surprised to see Farniok become the starter at RT, and Raridon the starter at C


regardless NU should have a true two deep across the OL for the first time in a long time. 


LT - Gates, Gaylord

LG - Foster, Barnett

C - Raridon, Decker

RG - Farmer, Wilson

RT - Farniok, Conrad/Knevel


Hannon and Johnson are washouts who've never seen the field and I don't think Johnson has been a part of the 85 man initial fall camp roster his entire time in Lincoln he's that bad.  hopefully they both graduate and move on or go on medical.  hopefully Decker can get out of Cav's doghouse and hopefully Barnett wont eat his way out of a scholarship


maybe they should move Barnett to NT for the new 3-4 defense. 

#504740 Well shit

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 13 January 2017 - 09:44 AM

LBuff isn't. 

#504086 WTB coach who gives a shit

Posted by Hoosier_Husker on 02 December 2016 - 10:05 AM

NU had so much talent they were 10th out of 14 teams in the conference for first/second/third team all conference nominations. 


but wait, that's because the coaches misused them or miscoached them into underperforming?  or is it that the coaching staff did more with less considering they didn't finish 10th in the conference in W-L 


a thin OL that suffered injuries resulted in a poor rushing game, and a career 50% passer resulted in a poor passing game. 


defense held up most of the season, but losing 3 DTs and a DE with eligibility probably hurt more than they showed early in the season. 


I'm not laying this all at the feet of the players, but imo MR and staff need to be given another 2-3 years to see what they can do on the field and recruiting. 


but I realize many made up their minds before he even coached a game in Lincoln