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18 March 2020 - 08:17 AM

wouldnt the resident person who deals with dead people be more likely to get it?

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06 January 2020 - 02:59 PM


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19 December 2019 - 05:21 PM

This latest signing class definitely helps to round out the roster:


QB - Martinez, Vedral, McCaffrey, Smothers (Jr, Jr, RFr, Fr)


RB - Mills, Bradley (if he stays), Johnson, Thompkins, Morrison, Scott (Sr, Jr?, RFr, RFr, Fr, Fr)


TE - Stoll, Allen, Rafdal (if he stays), Hickman, Vokalek (Sr, Jr, Jr, RFr, Jr)


WR - JD, McQuitty (if he stays), Nance, Houston, Chase, Warner, Manning, Betts, Brown, Fleming, Nixon (Sr, Jr, RFr, RFr, RFr, Jr, Jr, Fr, Fr, Fr, Fr)


OT - Jaimes, Farniok, Gaylord, Benhart, Anderson, Banks, Fritzche, Corcoran (Sr, Sr, Sr, RFr, RFr, RFr, RFr, Fr)


OG - Wilson, Hixson, Raridon, Bando, Piper, Sichterman, Lynn, Conn (Sr, Jr, Sr, RFr, Jr, RFr, Fr)


C - Jurgens, Farniok (So, So)


NT - Daniels, Robinson, Green, Riley, Hutmacher (Jr, RFr, Jr, Jr, Fr)


DE - Stille, Thomas, Newsome, Rogers, Wildeman, Walker, Payne, Black (Sr, Jr, RFr, So, So, Jr, Jr, Fr)


OLB - Domann, Tannor, Nelson, Jefferson (if he stays), Alston, Graham, Gunnerson, Cooper, Butler (Sr, Jr, So, Sr, So, RFr, Fr, Jr, Fr)


ILB - Honas, Miller, Reimers, Henrich, Hannah, Mauga-Clements, Greene (Sr, Sr, So, RFr, RFr, Jr, Fr)


DB - lots of kids 



the team will still be crazy young next season, but there at least appears to be some depth and competition now across the board.  

In Topic: early Dec signing day update

19 December 2019 - 04:58 PM

read elsewhere that our early enrollees are:


QB Smothers

OT Corcoran

WR Brown


OLB Gunnerson

JUCO ILB Mauga-Clements

DB Gray

DB Francois

DB Lynum



that's a nice group.  


Good to see those DBs arriving early it will be interesting to see if any of them can overtake last year's signees of Newsome, Farmer, Pola-Gates, Wright


Getting JUCO DT Riley and JUCO ILB Mauga in early for spring ball will be great for the defense, as both could be in the mix next year.  


QB Smothers should redshirt.  Probably the same for Corcoran but since he's enrolling early he may have a shot at earning playing time since NU is short on OTs and the staff would like to move the elder Farniok inside.  We could see Corcoran battle it out with last year's top OT signee Benhart.  


Enrolling early will give Gunnerson a shot at earning playing time right away at OLB.  He's already 6-5 and 220 lbs, he could easily be at 240 or bigger by the time fall camp rolls around and put himself in the mix for playing time at OLB.  Nelson, Domann, and Tannor return so there's definitely some playing time for someone else.  

In Topic: early Dec signing day update

19 December 2019 - 03:52 PM

so, my initial thoughts are that this staff did one hell of a job closing in the final week.  wow.  and that's after back to back 4-win seasons.  


they signed more 4-stars than the school ever has before


I also like that they did a good job of trying to continue to balance out the roster not only at various positions, but also with some JUCOs to balance the classes


they also seemed to do a good job of addressing immediate/urgent needs, like athleticism and bodies at ILB and OLB, and more bodies for the WR room and particularly a couple of bigger WR targets




Logan Smothers


They took the QB they wanted early, it will be interesting to see how he develops in Lincoln, but as an early enrollee he should at least be available next fall for his 4 games to keep his redshirt





Sevion Morrison

Marvin Scott III


2 nice pickups here by Held, and a couple of different body types as well.  Scott is shorter (5-9) and heavier and SF has already said he's ready to play right now.  It will be interesting to see how they use both of these RBs next fall.  Will they try to keep both of their redshirts?  that's going to be tough to do with only Mills and Rhamir Johnson returning (although it sounds as if Ronald Tompkins might be recovered from his knee cleanup to play in spring ball).  I wouldnt be surprised to see one of both of these guys play next season.  




none.  no TEs were lost to graduation, and NU returns Stoll, Allen, Rafdal (if he stays), Hickman, and transfer Vokalek becomes eligible as well.




JUCO Omar Manning

Will Nixon

Marcus Fleming

Alante Brown

Zavier Betts


wow.  you have to like how they finished this WR class.  lock up the best player in state in Betts who also happens to be a big body WR that your team desperately needs.  They add a coaches son in Nixon, a 10.4 100m kid in Fleming, a prep school WR in Brown who played QB in high school, and you add in the #1 JUCO WR who also happens to be a beast at 6-2 or bigger and 220 lbs or bigger.  If Betts qualifies (now they're saying he will sign tomorrow), I wouldnt be surprised to see him skip a redshirt as a backup to new starting WR Manning.  Brown is someone they can put all over the field as a DUCK-R, and Fleming has speed you simply cant coach.  very nice WR class




Turner Corcoran

Alex Conn


with no players lost to graduation, the staff could afford to be picky for their OL recruits.  Getting a top 100 national player in Corcoran is a good way to be selective.  Conn is no slouch either.  Both should redshirt considering the huge OL class last year that will be ahead of them.  Corcoran enrolling early may give him a chance to see playing time, though.  




Nash Hutmacher

Marquis Black

JUCO Jordan Riley

JUCO Pheldarious Payne



NU graduated their entire 3 starting front, plus 2 more non-contributors.  They did a good job of inserting some experienced (JUCO) talent and some prep talent.  Riley and Payne the staff will try to get up to speed quickly to be in the rotation next fall.  Hutmacher and Black have big upsides but should redshirt





Blaise Gunnerson

Jimari Butler

JUCO Niko Cooper


Butler is a former basketball player who only recently started playing football.  He has a great frame and lots of potential and will likely redshirt.  JUCO Niko Cooper will be thrown into the mix right away as a pass rusher on the outside.  Gunnerson if he gets healthy has potential to skip a redshirt.  NU returns Nelson, Domann, and Tannor, but they need more bodies and more pass rushing ability.  




JUCO Eteva Mauga

Keyshawn Greene

Issac Gifford


With all 3 of these kids signing in the final week, it was a good job by the staff.  Mauga was under the radar until Held found him and then suddenly he's a 4 star.  He seems like an interesting project as well, since I think he grew something like 3 inches and 40 lbs his 2 years at JUCO.  Greene was a late decommit from FSU due to their coaching change and then committed on his visit a few days before signing day.  Greene has speed you cant teach.  He ran a 4.49 laser timed 40 at camp, the fastest mark in the country for a LB.  yes, the fastest time in the country for a LB.  was there ever a time these past few years where we wish our LBs were maybe a step or two faster?  this guy is that guy.  Gifford could grow as well and turn into a better LB than his brother was.  anyway, these guys greatly increase the athleticism at the inside LB spot, which should help immensely with covering TEs and RBs and also on the blitz.  





Tamon Lynum

Ronald Delancy

Henry Gray

Jaiden Francois



another wow.  Fisher gets his work done largely under the radar but damn he is giving Held a run for his money on the recruiting trail.  Fisher helped pull 7 kids out of FL for this cycle including all 4 of his DBs.  I dont know who is going to play CB and who is going to be a S and nobody else probably does, either.  all 4 of these kids are talented.  It's going to be hard for any of them to burn a redshirt but if they're good enough, they will.  I bet one of them will for special teams and as a backup and to help balance out the classes in the DB room.  nothing to complain about here.  



10 offense, 14 defense  



something else to not overlook is how big of an impact this class could have on NU's special teams next year.  Yes, a couple of guys, Fleming, Brown, could be PR or KR, but I'm talking about all of the DBs and LBs they can now throw onto the field to cover kicks and punts.  NU's special teams used to be filled with a mix of starters and backups, but all kids who could run and hit.  NU has had such depth and talent issues for a while now that special teams sucks, as we saw last season.  having a lot more LB/DB bodies to put onto the field will help a ton.


overall, it's pretty tough to even pick nits with this class.  


second 4 win season in a row shouldnt get you a top 20 ranked recruiting class.  but they did it.  now let's see the coaches develop them