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Today, 08:52 AM

agreed, but considering the circumstances, it's look like about the best start we could have hoped for.  It would have been nice to land a "top ten" transfer, but I think it's worth giving Hoiberg the benefit of the doubt in regards to what he is looking for in a player.  


the summer will be huge with that trip to italy to see how the team gels.  


I'd rather see what he can do piecing together a roster of his own players asap than seeing what he can do with Miles' holdovers.  


I like the mix of players that he's brought in, a couple of graduate transfers who have experience and can shoot, plus a couple of JUCO transfers who are considered the top in the country to cover PG and SG.  he added a couple of sit out transfers to balance the roster the way he likes (he's said he prefers to have 2 sit-outs at the same time so that they have a buddy to help them through not playing, plus he's stated before that it's tough to get more than 9-10 guys any decent minutes), and added in some guys who have some size and length to play defense against some of the bigs in the B1G.  


I'm sure a few wont work out, which is expected with such a short time to put a class together plus basically flipping the entire roster.  


here's what's left from Miles:


Thor (wing or maybe stretch 4)

Roby (gone to the draft)

Burke (didnt play last year as a sit-out transfer, should have a role on Fred's team as a scoring guard)


here's who's sort of a combo of Hoiberg/Miles:


Green (JUCO SG)

Arop (frosh F out of omaha)


here's who Hoiberg has brought into the program in such a short time:


Kavas (6-8 stretch 4 probably, grad transfer, can shoot)

Cheatham (6-6 stretch 3 maybe, good defender, grad transfer)

Walker (6-8 transfer has to sit out, PF)

Stevenson (6-6 PF eligible in Jan but will likely get a waiver to be eligible right away due to transferring twice because of 2 coaching changes)

Mack (6-2 PG JUCO transfer, arguably the top JUCO PG available)

Banton (6-8 guard, sit-out transfer, former top 150 recruit I think)

Yvan (6-9 prep PF from France, wont join the team until after the Italy trip, lots of upside)

Curtis (6-4 prep SG out of Ohio, averaged around 35 ppg as a high school senior and Ohio's Mr. Basketball)

Cross (6-8 prep PF out of Arkansas)


He's also managed to balance the roster quite well on such short notice with so many holes to fill:


Sr - Cheatham, Kavas (Roby if he stays)

Jr - Burke, Thor, Stevensen, Green, Walker (sit-out transfer)

So - Mack, Banton (sit-out transfer)

Fr - Ivan, Curtis, Cross, Arop


and he's currently keeping the two 2020 commits that Miles already had on board.  


I still have a slight concern about the ability of this roster to hold up inside against B1G conference opponents, but he did close out the class with some size, and he's been adding height/length at the guard positions as well.  I think it's obvious that he's recruiting for the offense he wants to run, so hopefully that will work out and it will be some exciting basketball to watch.  


I think we'll see a lot of "positionless" basketball with this group.  I think we'll see a lot of tall rangy guards who can play the 3 and sometimes the 4, with the inside guys more tall and athletic with the ability to run the floor instead of a traditional "back to the basket" interior play.  I think we'll see a lot of what we consider to be guards on the floor, but there is the potential for a lot of versatility with this group.  


it will be interesting to see how this first class (and first season) works out.  


with 11 players currently eligible for the next season, I think we'll see 1-2 of the frosh redshirt, although I admit I dont follow bb that closely to know if they often redshirt a kid to let him develop or not.  I could just as easily see Fred throwing the frosh into the fire to see if he needs to encourage anyone to move on after the first season.  Arop I think is a strong candidate to redshirt.  I just dont see him having the size/strength to hold his own at this level yet.  but, for all I know, maybe Hoiberg sees Arop as someone who can see a lot of pt, who knows?  I suppose Curtis is also a candidate, especially with a lot of older guards on the roster, but the kid could score in high school, so maybe he'll get a shot.  Cross is probably physical enough to see time right away, especially since there are not a lot of experience bigs on the roster right now.  


my best completely uneducated guess at this point would be that we'll see a lot of Mack and Green at PG/SG, with Burke coming off the bench to provide some scoring off the bench.  I think we'll see a lot of Kavas as a wing who can shoot but also has the height to play defense inside.  We'll probably see a rotation for "the one big who's on the floor with all the shooters" or maybe someone will lock it down in Italy?  My guess is that we'll see a lot of Stevenson in that role, with Yvan and Cross also in the mix depending on how quickly they adjust to the game at this level and pick up what Hoiberg wants them to do.  Cheatham can play a few positions, can provide some scoring but also great perimeter defense.  Walker and Banton have to sit for a year so arent eligible this coming season.  I'm still perplexed as to what Thor's role will be.  Does Fred see him as a shooter in his offense?  a defender?  I dont know.  I just dont see him taking a lot of pt away from the other guys in the roster.  I think we'll see Curtis play as a frosh, I think we'll see Arop redshirt.  

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16 May 2019 - 02:10 PM

that's what I was thinking as well.  I wouldnt be surprised for Hoiberg to recruit over Thor and tell him he needs to find a new home.  but then again, I think the signing period just ended so not sure if that limits options for the players or not.  maybe Hoiberg thinks he can use Thor somehow?  I think it has more to do with Thor being a Jr so he's only using a schollie for a couple of years unlike some of the other guys who were told there wasnt going to be a spot on the team for them who were younger.  


but, I think Roby is as good as gone and Hoiberg knows it (probably told him it would be in his best interest to leave now because of the pro potential/opportunity), and that would put them right at the schollie limit.  

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15 May 2019 - 04:08 PM

And again I spoke too soon

Hoiberg just landed prep guard Samari Curtis.

Guess that means Roby isnt coming back because theres no other available schollies

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15 May 2019 - 01:54 PM

haha I posted too soon.  Hoiberg picks up another commit today, this one a sit out transfer PF out of TN


Derrick Walker





nice to see them add another big man to the roster.  


that fills all of the schollies, although I have to admit I still think that Hoiberg will try to recruit over Thor and ask him to transfer.  


once Roby is gone to the draft, that opens up one more schollie and I wouldnt be surprised to see them hold onto it, but with the way things are going, maybe Hoiberg wants to bring in as many new bodies as he can and then try to sort through what he's got.  there's always going to be offseason attrition anyway.  

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15 May 2019 - 08:27 AM

with one open schollie left while we wait on the Roby decision, I think Hoiberg and staff are done at the moment.  They'll probably save a schollie for a midterm transfer or to see if someone else pops up on the radar for a transfer (in the past I think Hoiberg has said he likes to have 2 sit-out transfers so that they have a teammate to help them deal with the year off of not playing)


they also still have a few targets that they would use the schollie on that havent decided I think.  


also, the schollie distribution (by year, not position) seems pretty damn good for a new coach whos basically flipping the entire roster.  


2 Srs (3 if you count Roby) - Cheatum and Kavas

4 Jrs - Stevensen, Thor, Green, Burke

2 So - Mack, Danton (Danton has to sit out a year as a transfer)

3 Fr - Arop, Yvan, Cross


he also still has 2 kids committed for the 2020 class.


I'd still like to see another big added to help defend in the B1G conference, and if Roby leaves as expected I anticipate the staff trying to add in someone else with size with that schollie while still saving one for a sit-out transfer or a late or midterm transfer 


but, I think that Hoiberg has a good idea of what style of BB he wants to play and it seems like he's gone out and gone after exactly the type of players he was looking for.  shit, the guy has hit on something like 75% of the kids he's brought in on official visits in the past few weeks.  hell he just got 3 commits in 4 days.