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04 November 2019 - 08:55 AM

QB - So/So/Fr (no other upperclassmen)


RB - Fr/Jr (JUCO transfer)/Fr (Jr non-contributor) (also note that Im putting WanDale here since he now appears to be our starting RB and starting WR)


WR - FR (Wandale again), Jr (Spielman), So (Warner), Sr (grad transfer) also 2 other Srs, 4 Fr, 1 So


TE - Jr/So/So 


LT - Jr/So

LG - So/So

C - RFr/RFr

RG - Jr/Jr

RT - Jr/Fr


NT - Sr (grad transfer), So


DE - Sr/Jr

DE - Sr/So


OLB - Sr/Fr

OLB - So/Jr


ILB - Sr/Jr

ILB - Jr/Fr


CB - Sr/RFr

CB - Jr/Fr


S - So/Sr

S - Jr/So




looking at this, I'm not seeing a lot of upperclassmen, and the ones that I do are probably not playing that great.  where is the internal upperclassman leadership?  There is none.  


the only way this team will improve on offense is with a better OL, and that takes development and S&C time.  however, I would not be surprised in the least to see the OL look different next season even with all 5 starters returning.  There's a chance that Benhart and Piper can make big moves in the offseason and earn starting spots next season.  


as for the defense, the DL has been ok this season, but the LB play has been horrible to the point that opposing coaches have openly called it out as their gameplan.  that can only be fixed through recruiting.  


the team is young and the coaches are learning on the job as well.  


I think SF will get it done, it's just going to take time.  

In Topic: sort of mid-season ramblings

24 October 2019 - 11:23 AM

offensively, I dont see improvement.  there's a lot of potential reasons for that, the main ones being youth and inexperience, but for the most part if the OL cant do their job nobody else can do theirs


defensively, I actually see a lot of improvement, particularly the secondary.  yes, they all still make mistakes, and yes Minny and OSU ran all over them, but I still see improvement.  


the team has a soph walkon starting at LG.  the starting RT should prob be playing RG instead.  OL isnt like RB or WR where you can over-recruit the spot to try to get a frosh to step in and start.  NU shouldnt be having a redshirt frosh converted TE play his first live snaps at C to open the season, he should have 2 more years of learning behind a veteran and experienced OL group.  instead he's learning the position on the fly, and his backups are another redshirt frosh and a true frosh and a walkon.  


yes, most of the roster is now "SF's guys" but most of them are also 18 and 19 years old playing against 21/22 year olds who have years of experience on the field and the weight room.  


next year is when we can start to really get a look at where we are or arent seeing improvement.  and that goes for the coaching staff as well.  


but shit, lets at least give them some time.  someone took the equivalent of modern day Alabama and turned them into a laughing stock in about 5 years and a few failed head coaches later the program was being run by a career .500 coach from the west coast, so yeah, I'm thinking maybe 20 years of neglect cant be fixed in 1.5 years.  If the NU program was a house, you'd probably just tear it down and build new, and that's probably exactly what SF and staff are doing right now.  

In Topic: sort of mid-season ramblings

15 October 2019 - 02:32 PM

defensively, we have an experienced DL, but it seems like they're getting worn down.  I also think they're not as good as we thought since they went against the Husker OL all fall camp.  


I'm ok with the current DL rotation, hard to play redshirt frosh over seniors unless they're just out of this world and that's tough to do on the DL just as it is on the OL


my corncern (lol) with the defense before the season and definitely now is the LB.  Barry has great heart but I think he plays the worst out of the 3 ILB.  Miller to me seems to be playing the worst but for the most part I think the LB play overall has been poor.  ILBs are making poor run fits and OLBs arent doing much of anything.  I do think that Tannor has improved, but part of the problem on defense is there really isnt a player that the opponent has to gameplan for.  


I thought the secondary is much improved this season although they still have a long ways to go but we're also starting our nickel/backup CB at S because we lost our best most talented S in the first game of the year.  


anyway, it would be nice to see them work Robinson, Rogers, Wildeman in a bit, and also use Keem Green for the final 2-3 games of the season or whatever to preserve his redshirt.  


at LB, I think after 1.5 years of minimal production it's time to bench alex davis.  I realize the coaches like him because he does his job of holding the edge, but that's all he fucking does, he doesnt make a tackle or make a play.  ever.  put Nelson in since you already decided to burn his redshirt and let him learn on the job and make mistakes.  play Domann more.  play Tannor more.  the problem is that our OLBs are undersized (as are our ILBs to a certain extrent) and against run heavy teams we have to play a lot of alex davis instead of tannor/domann vs spread teams.  


right now LB recruiting has got to be a huge priority.  those are the guys who clean up the mess and make all of the tackles.  doesnt matter how good our DL or secondary is if our LBs suck because teams will just run all over us


the young talent in the secondary looks good.  the young talent on the DL looks good.  LB scares me a bit.  


is there a "fix" for the defense this season?  I dont think so.  


but, from my viewpoint, it does appear that a number of kids, especially the secondary, has really embraced their job of trying to get turnovers.  so there's progress.  


right now, though, Iowa and Wisky are going to run all over this defense and it's going to be scary.  

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15 October 2019 - 02:21 PM

let's look at the roster again:


LT - Jaimes, Bando

LG - Hixson, Bando, Raridon

OC - Jurgens, W Farniok, Piper

RG - Wilson, Sichterman

RT - M Farniok, Benhart


Wilson, Jaimes and Farniok are Jrs, and Farniok is prob better suited at OG than OT but we have no other OTs so he's stuck there


Hixon is a walkon soph who's starting.  not a senior walkon, but a soph walkon.  


Jurgens is a redshirt frosh making his first ever snaps at OC, backing him up is another redshirt frosh and a true frosh.


We've seen all season that these guys arent cutting it.  3 of them are returning starters and while Hixson looked horrible and was benched against Minny, from what I saw Jurgens was our best OL this past Sat.  The upperclassmen OL need to step up.  


so, the OL is dogshit and wont be fixed this season unless Benhart comes along fast enough to play in the final 4 games and move Farniok inside to RG.  



at QB we have AM who is not the problem.  but at least the fans saw that Vedral isnt the answer either, at least not behind this OL.  I personally think that AM is trying to do too much and make the best/perfect play every time since he knows that his OL sucks and they arent going to be able to sustain drives.  but who knows.  he could also be nursing an injury that nobody knows about.  



at RB we have Mo, Mills, Wandale, and that's pretty much it.  Mo seems like he's disappeared or checked out the past few games, not sure if it's because of the injury or attitude.  I've heard he isnt the fondest of getting in the weight room and I think that's part of the message the coaching staff is trying to get across to him this season, pointing out that he's letting his teammates down because he's banged up because he didnt push himself hard enough in the offseason.  Mills looked like crap the first couple of games but then started to be more patient and has done a decent job of finding the occasional hole when the OL actually manages to open one up.  Wandale looks good, let's hope we dont run him into the ground the second half of the season.  Rhamir Johnson will play in two more games, although I think they should just burn his shirt now.  They've got two new RB recruits coming in next season, no need to save redshirts now, at least not for guys who can get valuable game reps to get them better prepared for next season.  



WR is another huge problem.  we have a roster of slot WR and no outside threat.  maybe we'll see a difference with Warner out there now.  he's actually a legit outside WR although he doesnt scare defenses he runs his routes correctly and he's where he should be.  and he blocks well.  I would like to see the staff give the younger WRs some more opportunities as it doesnt seem like it can get much worse from a production standpoint.  but again it also seems to be an experience issue as the only Sr is grad transfer Noa (who iirc did most of his production out of the slot at Cal), who hasnt done much, meanwhile we have our juco transfers williams and woodyard who are also busts at this point.  not one of the frosh can step up?  


anyway, offensively it's a very young and inexperienced team, and the OL, for probably the 20th year in a row, lacks top end talent and depth.  


next year the entire OL returns, not sure that's all good news, though, but more importantly it will get the young kids another year, but I dont think our OL/DL play is going to be strong enough to contend for the CCG for at least another 2-3 years.  

In Topic: sort of mid-season ramblings

15 October 2019 - 02:06 PM

first off, we're halfway through year two.  over half of the roster hasnt been here for more than 2 years.  


keep in mind a few things, #1 UCF had a shitton more talent than NU and it's not even close.  look at the kids drafted from that UCF team during their time there and look at NU's recent draft history.  #2 they played in a shit conference.  #3 they played in a shit conference.  they probably only had 2-3 difficult games all year, and it wasnt near the physical grind that P5 football is.  combine a talent advantage with a scheme advantage and a shitty conference and you have a recipe for success.  the fact that they beat an uninspired auburn team in a bowl game doesnt make them a P5 football team on a weekly basis.  


I think the coaches are learning some hard lessons this season about play calling, the physical nature of the B1G, and about adjustments.  They're also still changing the culture to a large extent.  


I think we dont realize how far this program has fallen in regards to in-house accountability and responsibility.  


as for the roster, they've had to weed out the malcontents, and try to recruit over about 10 years of poor recruiting.  that takes time.  I'm also unimpressed with the upperclassman leadership on this team and in this program.  it's going to take year 4 with players like AM and Cam Taylor as captains before we really see a Husker team that has the depth, talent, and leadership to contend for conference championships.