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NIU halftime thoughts

14 September 2019 - 07:42 PM

A clusterfuck of special teams and offensive ineptitude.  Five blocked kicks between the two teams.  A bubble pass from the two that results in a safety. Offensive line getting their shit pushed in by an I don't even know what conference they are in crap defense.  


Big 10 play is going to be ugly.  NU will be forced to abandon their non-existent run game.  Thank God they have some speed.  Get the ball to the playmakers and hope they make something out of it.  Not going to be too many 10+ play drives with this line.  


On the positive side the defense has played well, especially against the run.  NIU has had some wide open deep ball opportunities but fortunately hasn't been able to capitalize.   Defense is playing hard and flying around. 


Special teams, if it weren't the team I'm rooting for, would be downright comical.   


Finally, we can be a very hard team to watch.  Very hard.   We've got a decent lead, at home, and I don't feel the least bit comfortable.