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In Topic: Miles beats McDouchebag

07 February 2019 - 12:47 PM

45 points!?


Miles is a dead man walking.

In Topic: It's National Letter of Intent Early Signing Period 2019 Bitches!...

20 December 2018 - 10:54 AM

I think everyone needs to give Chins some time. 


remember that the offense returned an experienced OL, a 2 outstanding WRs, then added in AM and Mo Washington and a new and improved Oz sprang up out of nowhere. 


where is the AM/Washington/JD/etc counterpart on the defense?  there wasn't one, and probably still isn't one


I also think it's going to be difficult to get used to this "new" way of playing defense, i.e. a defensive scheme that imo seems to be entirely based on big plays that get the ball back to the offense.  disruptive plays, sacks, fumble recoveries, interceptions.  this defense is going to give up a lot of yards and sometimes a lot of points as well, and because of the tempo that the SF offense plays at, defense is always going to be rotating more and on the field quite a bit. 


it will take some time to get the athletes on the defensive side of the ball to really be at a championship level, but I think they're making progress and it will happen. 


When Iowa can run the same outside zone stretch play 18 times in a row, and gain 5 to 10 yards each time, something is wrong with the D Coordinator and his scheme. 


Especially when he won't/can't make a effing adjustment of some sort to at least try and slow/stop the same play.


I also did not see many "disruptive plays, forced fumbles, interceptions, etc." that this defense needs to create.  Maybe the Michigan State game.  No other games come to mind.


Run fits were piss poor all year.  Missed assignments, guys in the wrong gap, guys missing tackles.  I know terrible defense when I see it with my own eyes, and this 2018 edition was a terrible defense.


Nebraska will not compete for the Division or Conference title until the defense dramatically improves.


All I'm saying is, it's better to address this now rather than later.

In Topic: It's National Letter of Intent Early Signing Period 2019 Bitches!...

19 December 2018 - 03:04 PM

Solid top 20 class.  Kudos to Frost. 


Fire Chinander!

In Topic: Iowa postmortem

03 December 2018 - 10:39 AM

I would have liked to have seen AM make more plays with his feet in the first half


I would have liked to see Chinander make a fucking defensive adjustment when Iowa was running the same God damn outside stretch play over and over -- to the same side. My brother, who is a dumb shit when it comes to football, would even say, "I bet they run that same running play to the right side again."  And yet, our highly paid defensive staff can't figure it out.


Run fits have been terrible all year.  No improvement from the start of the season to the end. 


Christ on a God damn Ritz cracker.

In Topic: the shitty start to the NU football season, necessary?

15 November 2018 - 04:22 PM


What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.


Unless it turns you into a crip.  Then you neither die, nor get stronger.



Word, yo.