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In Topic: Omaha woman: "I am not a prostitute"

26 May 2015 - 02:47 PM

Just to let you know the famous Omaha prostitute Makayla Peters is now continuously operating a brothel from her home that she has now at 6316 Maple Street in the Benson neighborhood.  Unfortunately I came into town from Texas, and accepted a position as a live in nanny.  Only to be treated like dirt, stolen from, hit, lied to, and mentally tortured. Several times i woke up to men being in the home paying for sex! HER DAUGHTER AND MY ROOMS WERE 2 FEET AWAY, we were sleeping.  Google Makayla Peters, and you will see what I'm talking about!  I didn't Google her until I was already gone, thinking that no one would  believe the story I had! Well, apparently she has a long history of doing this with many different businesses opening up under different things which all are really just plain w**** houses.  I am devastated, broke, and homeless because I did not agree to sleep with men with her nor would I agree to  accompany her on her out calls,  which are rare, many times, she has the men come to her Benson home and lets them pay for sex there. When she found out I was not going to be joining her  threesomes or just flat out selling my body as well, then I was told to get out or pay rent! She wouldn't allow me to touch her food in her own words she said she does not f*** men to feed anybody else but herself! yes, only herself!  She didn't even mention her daughter!  she wakes up at 6 o'clock in the morning to go to the methadone clinic. She leaves her baby toddler at home by herself if no one is home there! she is a disgusting example of Omaha women and I hope by me telling my story that the house is rented to someone who deserves it and not to a hooker who is on methadone and does not want a child or want to take care of her baby!

She's nothing more than a cheap hooker that's using the system like food stamps and Medicaid to her advantage when she is always sleeping with men and has plenty of cash that she never reports to the IRS!

Something has got to be done to stop at this woman's reign of torture. spaceshi is hurting people in this neighborhood because I am NOT the first girl to work for her under the guise of nanny she pretends to have all this money until you move in and then she tries to steal all of your belongings which she did to me she stole items that I treasured that were given to me by my children and I am heartbroken homeless and broke I'm sitting in my car trying to figure out where to go and what to do now that I have been victimized by her

Makayla Peters preys on the weak and vulnerable people from either out of town or people that have no place to go she prefers you that you do not have your own car so that she has complete say-so over what you do!

 she told me what to do with my money she has all of my personal information which is very scary to me and she lied to the police when I came with the Omaha Police Department to pick up my belongings! She told them she had a protective order against me only to be called a liar by the police she had never put any protective order against me as a matter of fact I will probably put one against her as soon as I recover from this devastation.

If you have been victimized by this hooker please feel free to contact me at mazedaze@gmail.com

 I would like to put an end to this travesty of a person ASAP! I do not want to see anyone else victimized by Michaela Peters!

Just to let you know I have proof in a audio recording of her yelling at me and threatening me talking about her business as a prostitute and she schedules a call with a trick in this recording as well also to let you know I have a screenshot of the Craigslist ad that seemed legit as well for proof please contact me if you are interested in any of these items and if you have any clue on any place that might be able to help me recover from this I am truly truly mentally destroyed right now