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#507194 LOTR question

Posted by MiamiBuffs on 02 October 2018 - 01:38 PM


#497400 another teacher and HER student fuck

Posted by MiamiBuffs on 02 December 2014 - 11:37 AM

Biology is such an evil thing.  Her chemicals were just telling her to make a baby.  She selected a good candidate to mate with.   


We're so uptight sometimes...   

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#405552 Hawk never flew at CU

Posted by MiamiBuffs on 21 November 2009 - 09:40 AM


FootballCoachScoop sources confirm that AD Mike Bohn met with Mike Shanahan, former Denver Broncos Head Coach, today to discuss future <BR soft>possibilities with the Colorado Football Program.

And Shanny wore his super bowl rings and giggled the entire "interview".

While I find it far fetched myself here is the basic theory.

Shanny gets $7mil per year for the next 2/5 years as long as he does NOT accept another NFL job. A college job would be fair game, or salary in addition to what Bowlen will pay.
Shanny just built a 20,000 sf multi million dollar home in Denver as well as opening a restaurant at the height shittiest real estate market of all time.
Shanny wants HC and GM titles.
Any owner to buy him out would have to cough up $20 mil for the buyout plus a salary equivalent to, or greater than, Bowlen was paying him. He gets paid to play golf. A poster at Allbuffs who works at Centennial airport noted the presence of A gulfstream at the airport for several day with the Redskins logo painted on the tail around the time Shanny was rumored to be being courted by the Skins. A job he suposedly turned down.

So, he could posture for another NFL job while spending 2.5 years at CU. His son Kyle, OC at the Texans, is rumored to be a part of the deal.

Like I said. Far fetched. But if you could still coach. And get $7mil to stay in your favorite town what would you do?

The flip side of this is that he'd be coaching at a school where the students are indifferent to football and some of the more outspoken staff would give their right arms just to get rid of the football program all together. Maybe Shanny being who he is would bring change to all of that, but with him being such a type A personality and, I suspect, having a need to be more or less worshiped for what he does, I'm not sure that CU would fulfill that for him, especially early on.

The students show up pretty well. If the academics wanted to kill football now would be their chance. Or the scandal would have. Article in todays paper indicated the board of regents would support a buyout if Bohn and DiStephano ask. The school is in a pickle over this because Colorado cuts to HE spending will be about $22mil in June when FY 2011 starts. Cant use tax payer money for the buyout.

#403737 5* Darrell Scott transfering from CU

Posted by MiamiBuffs on 03 November 2009 - 11:18 PM

Scott Leaving CU Football Program

BOULDER Sophomore running back Darrell Scott informed his coaches Tuesday afternoon of his intent to leave the University of Colorado football program.

Head coach Dan Hawkins said Scott, a 6-foot-1, 220-pound tailback from Ventura, Calif., is leaving for assorted personal reasons and assumed he would be transferring closer to his Southern California home.

Rumor is others are also planning to leave, including ex NU commit Doug Rippey.

This fucking sucks. If this isn't the kicker to his ass, I don't know what is. The rumor is that fans will be wearing powder blue to the game on Saturday in retaliation. (long story, but if you want to know, just ask)

Wasn't Scott the one that you were wondering about why Hawkins wasn't giving more playing time?

Yup. Got a real minimal number of carries (like 2 or 3) per game. Lots of things on his facebook page about people not being who he thought they were.

Other rumor is he showed up this spring out of shape and slightly overweight. Supposedly Hagan RBs was pushing him to play through injuries that he didnt want to.

Anyhow, he's off to UCLA to join his uncle, a WR, that transfered there along with Kai Maiva. Kai left when they tried to move him from center to FB.

Hawkins should be shown the door but I don't think CU has the coin to pay off his contract after paying of GBs and at the same time attract a new coach. All this while the legislature slices millions from the HE budgets of all schools.

#392318 New software feature finds

Posted by MiamiBuffs on 02 July 2009 - 10:56 AM

SHOCK to the system!