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14 December 2006 - 10:29 AM

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Folks this is truly one of the landmark moments in ESPN history. Watching Barry kiss NU's ass for two hours, Corso fighting to the death for 61 Bama because nobody scored double digits against them, Lou trying to claim that the 88 Domers would beat the 01 Canes, May pissing and moaning because the 80 Pitt Panthers didn't play Georgia for the National Title, and Herbstreit acting like a ten year old bitch and completely melting down. Great to see Husker Nation come out in droves for this one. The greatest part of this whole thing is that it completely blew up in ESPN's fucking face. Just like in 2005 when ESPN spent the entire month of December slobbering all over USC's cock only to watch Texas run USC into the fucking dirt. Tonight, ESPN was forced to spend the last fifteen minutes of the show talking about which Nebraska team was the greatest college football team of all time. It blew up right in their fucking face and I personally loved every fucking minute of it. BTW, it replays on ESPN Classic at midnight tonight and I plan on adding it to my DVD collection.

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