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Spring game

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Posted 21 April 2018 - 11:08 AM

After one half of action, I can confidently say that we will win three national championships this season.

Gebbia and Bunch have looked good, but Martinez seems to have something just a little bit more than either of them.
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Posted 21 April 2018 - 08:05 PM

Nebraska sucks.

Running has an uncanny ability to mellow the soul, to take the edge off hard feelings, and put things back into healthy perspective.
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Posted 22 April 2018 - 10:04 AM

Nebraska sucks Martha Stewart's big black dick

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Posted 23 April 2018 - 11:20 AM

I haven't rewatched the game yet to look at various position groups, but overall I have to say that I was somewhat impressed with the progress that the entire team has made in just a few short weeks after winter conditioning. 


I realize that both sides played pretty vanilla, but it's nice to see the kids execute the schemes on both sides of the ball somewhat successfully. 


now, it's obvious that there's a significant lack of depth, considering most of the first and second team players were all on the red team, so that does give me pause, particularly in the passing game for the reds vs the backups on the white.  I'm not sure if there was poor coverage, broken coverage, or if it was good passing and good routes by the WRs.  I saw some well placed balls in the passing game, though.  I was surprised that we didn't see more WR screens or quick passes to the WRs to get them in space, but I'm pretty sure the coaching staff wanted to call very specific plays to see how the players could execute on both sides of the ball. 


and, as always, I'm sure there's a spring game warrior who we'll barely see in the fall (Mazour is my guess)


as already noted, A Martinez looked pretty good, especially when you consider that he's an 18 year old true frosh in college for the first time and has only played a handful of snaps in the UA game in the past year and a half.  I would have liked to have seen him throw a bit more but at least he was decisive when he did take off.  He doesn't seem to have a ton of zip on the ball but that could be from him still getting his shoulder strength back after surgery and not playing/working out for a while.  He definitely seems to have an extra gear and/or quickness and/or shiftiness and/or the ability to get to top speed quicker compared to the other QBs. 


but, Gebbia looked decent as well.  not quite as good on the ground but he appeared serviceable there, and he looked good throwing for the most part.  Bunch looked decent for a walkon, he had a few nice throws, and he was playing with the third teamers, so not sure what he can do with the first team.  the issue with Bunch, imo, is that he might be at his ceiling now or close to it while both AM and TG have much more upside and growth that can occur.  as for Vedral, I have to admit that I was flat out shocked that he seemed to play so poorly considering he was the only one with experience in the offense and actually played some snaps last season. 


as for other positions/players that seemed to standout during the first casual watching of the game...


WRs - our top two guys in Morgan and JD were held out, but the backups looked good.  M Williams, Tyjon, McQuitty all looked good.  McGriff looked decent also.  the returning walkon WRs on the white side looked serviceable as well.  I'll also lump the TEs in here as well, imo the top 3 looked good in Stoll, Allen, Rafdal.  looks like TEs will be used more as WRs this season than as blocking dummies.  good to see. 


RB - not sure what to think here.  I thought Bell looked like he has an extra gear and a quickness and elusiveness that none of the other guys have.  Oz moved the pile a couple of times and made a nice catch on a ball behind him, but I don't see him the guy the staff wants on the field all of the time since he's not a threat to take it to the house.  same with Wilbon, and for some reason to me Wilbon looked like he added too much weight this offseason, and he didn't seem as quick or as shifty.  I thought Bradley looked good, just needs more reps/experience.  I think given time he's the #2 to Bell. 


OL - also not sure what to think here.  obviously it's an issue when your top two centers are out.  we saw some bad snaps.  probably a bigger concern is the sacks and pressure allowed by the red team (starters) OL vs the white team DL (backups).  I'm not expecting complete dominance, and hopefully this is a sign that the DL is a deep and talented unit, but I was expecting a better performance from the OL considering 4 of the 5 have starting experience from last season. 


DL - appears to me to quite possibly be the deepest unit on the team.  I was surprised to not notice some of them as I thought we'd see more "attacking" from the DL this season.  nice to see Neal disrupt things from the white side.  I was expecting more pressure from the red DL though.  I don't remember a lot of specific instances where Stille, Davis, Thomas, etc got pressure on their own. 


LB - ILB I think NU is looking good.  Barry seemed to be in on almost every tackle, and Young tackled well also.  I like that the staff handed the keys to the white defense to Honas to get him experience and reps being the vocal leader on the field.  He seemed to play well.  Roberts also looked good the little I saw him.  OLB is a concern, though.  seems very inconsistent.  hopefully part of that is the absence of Gifford.  Let's all pray to the Husker gods that Breon Dixon gets his waiver from the NCAA to play immediately.  his eligibility and presence would immediately change OLB from a concern/liablilty to one of strength, imo, he makes that much of a difference.  He looked good on the white squad rushing the passer, dropping in coverage, tackling, and pursuit.  disappointed that someone like Guy Thomas hasn't stepped up.  also surprised that someone like Miller didn't stand out more at OLB, either. 


CB/S - I think we'll see all of the incoming frosh play this upcoming season.  it's that bad.  CB is scary thin on depth and experience.  and talent.  safety isn't looking much better anymore, either.  hopefully L Jackson finally gets his shit together this offseason and becomes the player he's capable of.  I like Reed and A Williams at safety, and I like D Williams at nickel or wherever he's needed.  I'm concerned about the other CB spot, although Bootle seems like he has the speed but I'm not sure about his size to play press coverage.  the backups did not look good.  Dismuke at S seems to have a ton of athleticism but maybe isn't comfortable in the defense yet.  anyway, I expect the staff to give all of the incoming DBs a chance to earn a spot in the two deep in the fall.  Cam Jones, CJ Smith at S, Cam Taylor, Braxton Clark at CB. 


special teams - kicking might be scary this season.  punting I feel good about. 


coaching - while the bar has been set amazingly low, I think Husker fans can finally feel good that we have a staff that can out-coach the opposition (and out-scheme, and out-develop the players on the roster)


anyway, in this glorified spring practice where the majority of the first and second team played a game against the third/fourth stringers, it at least looked like the offense will be fun to watch and should score some points, and the defense appears to already be tackling better.  and overall the kids seem to be having fun again and regaining some confidence.  so, a step in the right direction. 

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