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Nebraskan Kicking Ass in WWE

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Posted 24 February 2004 - 04:57 PM

Any of you pudwackers know him?

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The last time anyone saw Lance McNaught displaying his athletic skill in Omaha, it was probably in the Millard North gymnasium as a member of the Mustang basketball team. 

McNaught came back to his hometown to perform before a nearly sold-out Omaha Arena Monday night as a professional wrestler. 

In his match, the former prep player climbed to the top rope, timed his jump and slammed the bewildered \"Rosey, Superhero in Training\" to the mat, followed by a pin. 

McNaught's performance before a reporter-estimated 15,000 was recorded for World Wrestling Entertainment's television show \"Sunday Night Heat.\" 

Lance, the son of Omahans Harley and Jane McNaught, is the latest professional wrestler to emerge from the Omaha area, joining the ranks of legendary local pros Maurice \"Mad Dog\" Vachon, Baron von Raschke and the \"Million Dollar Man\" Ted DiBiase. 

McNaught, who wrestles under the ring name Garrison Cade, was a talented basketball player at Millard North and had small-school offers to play collegiate ball. But the 22-year-old rising star said he wanted to be a professional wrestler as soon as he could walk. 

The February edition of WWE's Raw Magazine predicts a bright future for McNaught, considered young for the sport. 

At 6-foot-5 and a buff 256 pounds, the athletic McNaught has the necessary components for the sport. His bulging arms, tree-trunk torso and powerful legs came from developing a disciplined training schedule at an early age. 

\"I knew I was tall enough to make it,\" he said, \"but I had to get bigger if I ever wanted to compete.\" 

So at age 16, McNaught officially began his quest to make it to the top rope and spent the next two years in the weight room, mostly by himself, but also spent time training with Mustang football players. 

After graduating from high school, he headed to San Antonio to get his first true wrestling experience from WWE superstar Shawn Michaels. Michaels goes by the name the \"Heart Break Kid\" or, put simply, \"HBK.\" 

\"Shawn didn't let any of us get in the ring for the first month or two,\" McNaught said. He got a crash course in the value of conditioning while working out one summer in a hot building. 

\"There's a lot of trainers in this business who are just out there to get your money,\" McNaught said. \"Shawn already had the money, so he just trained us the right way.\" 

In hindsight, he said, he benefited from playing basketball in high school instead of football. 

\"Most people would think football players would make good wrestlers,\" he said, \"but the footwork in basketball and wrestling aren't very different.\" 

Now that McNaught earned his spot on WWE's featured show, he is starting his career as a heel - wrestlers known for antagonizing the audience, being arrogant and causing trouble. 

\"I enjoy that role right now,\" he said. \"Garrison Cade is cocky - he tells the fans what they should think and what he thinks of them. They don't like that. 

\"Ultimately, it's the fans that decide whether you'll be a good guy or a bad guy.\" 

McNaught spends Fridays through Mondays on the road traveling from place to place and taping shows. When Tuesday rolls around, he returns to San Antonio and trains while also enjoying time with wife Tanya and 10-month-old daughter Natallye. 

\"Getting in the ring and performing is what makes all the traveling and training worthwhile,\" McNaught said. 

He bristles at critics who say wrestling is fake. 

\"I saw a University of Florida football player give it a shot, and he dropped out in a week. It was too much for him,\" McNaught said. \"I'd welcome anyone that thinks this is fake to come give it a try.\" 

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Posted 24 February 2004 - 05:47 PM

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What is your favorite color?

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Posted 11 March 2004 - 06:22 PM


He bristles at critics who say wrestling is fake.

"I saw a University of Florida football player give it a shot, and he dropped out in a week. It was too much for him," McNaught said. "I'd welcome anyone that thinks this is fake to come give it a try."


While I agree pro rasslers are awesome athletically, I can't believe he is sticking to the old -"It's a real sport" dogma. Most rasslers gave that up a long time ago. People are stupid, but not so stupid to realize if two people as huge as your average rassler really went after each other, one of the two ain't walking out. It's fun to watch when you're drunk.

It's a guys version of a soap opera. Inane story lines and horse shit dialogue designed for one thing, get people drunk enough to spend more money on merchandise. God bless America!
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